Procrastination Has It’s Grip on Me

I need to work on a sports article. I open my laptop, research a couple of facts and then stare into oblivion at the screen. Sometimes this happens. Everything and anything distracts me at once. I can’t seem to focus or concentrate.

I have a running to-do list at work and at home. Lately the list is growing larger and larger. Every time I start checking something off of the list I think of one more thing to add. Then I spend a few minutes thinking about what other tasks I might have forgotten. Twenty minutes later I try to regain focus on the task at hand.

Tonight I’ve put aside my goal yet again. This time I’m distracted by tasty tailgating recipes as I search for something scrumptious and portable for Saturday’s football game. By the way anyone have a favorite recipe they’d be willing to share? I’m searching for something that will feed 4-6 people, that doesn’t require extreme refrigeration, isn’t too pricey, and is relatively easy to eat in your hand.

3 thoughts on “Procrastination Has It’s Grip on Me”

  1. Wraps are always a good choice–put your deli meats/cheese/veggies in, roll, cut, and stick a toothpick through to keep it all together. I find that roast beef tastes better than any other deli meat at room temperature (I think turkey and ham are better cold).

    Another idea: little meat pies, like pasties or calzones. You can use pizza dough to wrap up ground meat and seasonings, bake them, and bring them at room temp. Cheese isn't so good because it doesn't taste yummy unless it's melted.

    Good luck!

  2. I think it's the weather. Or the moon. Or something that is just causing all of us to space out. Maybe we're just overwhelmed and it's our heads' way of slowing us down.

    Muttersome's right – wraps or calzones are probably your best best. If you can keep something warm, something in a crockpot also would work – depends how serious a tailgate this is: a few coolers and cars, or are we talking quik shades, RVs, and generators?

  3. @Muttersome — I found a great recipe for individual chili cups. It looks like crescent rolls filled with tasty chili. Thanks for the idea.

    @working mom — I don't know what's in the air, but I'm definitely finding it hard to focus. Our tailgates aren't super fancy. We serve most things cold, but we do have a small, portable grill.


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