Product Reward Programs – Why I Sign Up For Them

I’m a sucker for the rewards that companies offer for buying their products. As soon as my husband walks in the door with a new 12 pack of diet Coke, he knows to rip off the cardboard coke rewards number and lay it next to my computer. He does the same thing with all sorts of other products.

He knows to store the caps on some products and to cut the UPC symbols off of others. While he thinks this is all a bit crazy he happily follows along with my schemes and smiles each time he hands over a code.

While it can take an extremely long time to rack enough points to earn something of value it really doesn’t take much effort to set aside the various product codes or to enter them online.

Over the years I’ve received a variety of free magazine subscriptions, gift cards, store discounts and even camping equipment as a result of participating. In fact, last year two of my husband’s Christmas gifts came from rewards programs.

In an ideal world my husband wouldn’t drink diet Coke, (I don’t think it’s the best thing in the world for him), but if he’s going to drink all that soda we might as well earn some rewards for doing so.

My favorite programs are Coke, Tropicana and Pampers. I participate in the Pampers program even though I don’t have a child. I used to make diaper cakes for various baby showers and I entered the codes from the diapers I purchased. If I earned enough points to get a reward I would add that reward as a gift for the next shower.

Do you participate in any reward programs? If so, which ones are your favorite. If not, why not? Is it just not worth your time?

8 thoughts on “Product Reward Programs – Why I Sign Up For Them”

  1. I participate in 4 different rewards programs and all of them send out vouchers or cheques.
    Yes it,s slow progress but money for nothing as I am on the PC anyway.
    I,m looking forward to being able to use this extra money towards gifts this Christmas.

  2. I do the coke rewards too! I've got my whole family in on it too! They all save their bottle tops or the ends off the 12 packs and give them to me when they see me. I've used it mostly for magazine subscriptions but have purchased a few other things with the points as well. It takes time, but it's fun to watch the point totals go up!

  3. It's interesting to me that you don't use plastic and are worried about it's harmful effects of it, but will be involved in Coke rewards and your husband drinking diet cola.

    My wife has significantly cut back her diet cola drink after doing some quick research on it.

    I'm not passing judgment, just found that interesting.

  4. @Dave – I absolutely hate that my husband drinks soda and while I've tried to convince him otherwise I have not been successful in my quest. I would love to transition him off of it! It's bad for the pocket and the body!

  5. coke rewards is the best program I've found. I've gotten several free magazine subscriptions for the last 3 years and a new set of skillets that have lasted over a year. By far the best thing on there was the Blockbuster movie night my fiance and I used to use when we lived near a Blockbuster. 2 movies, 2 drinks, and microwave popcorn all for only about 150 points. That's about $15 free and it saved us from spending $15+ to go to the theater and see 1 movie.

  6. By contrast I don't collect My Coke Rewards codes, but I don't throw them away either. I hide them in various posts on my blogs for readers to find. This works like an Easter egg hunt for blog readers.

    I have a questions though: What is a "diaper cake"? After changing hundreds (if not thousands) of diapers, I can't imagine one being very appetizing.

  7. These types of the rewards programs are very common such that I am also in habit of doing that. I also participate in these t types of the different programs.

  8. @pfstock – A diaper cake isn't edible šŸ™‚ In essence you gather up a bunch of diapers, tie them around with a ribbon and construct three tiers that look similar to a wedding cake. Then you decorate it with children's items like pacifiers, socks, bottles, etc. It's for decoration only šŸ™‚


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