Questions about Flying with Kids?

A few thoughts/questions about travel on this snowing evening:

  • We plan to fly out west next month and I am unbelievably concerned about a four hour flight with an eleven month old. We opted NOT to buy a seat for the little guy and I am a bit terrified that he’ll fuss the entire time as he tries to climb on and off our laps. My husband isn’t great with crying babies let alone the other passengers on the plane. Is this one of those times where saving money will come back to haunt me? There are still seats available. Should I buy one for him?
  • We are staying in a condo for three days and a hotel for the fourth. Since the condo has a washer and dryer I plan to pack only three sets of clothes for each of us. By the time I pack coats, snow pants, gloves and all that other fun ski gear I figure I won’t get much else into the bag. Since we’re carrying a car seat and a booster seat I’d prefer to check only one bag and have my husband, four year old son and I carry lightweight backpacks on the plane. It’s tough to hold a baby, hold my older son’s hand, a car seat and luggage. I think it would be best if we can cram everything into one bag so my husband can carry the car seat and roll the luggage while I keep hold of the kids. Does that seem possible?

4 thoughts on “Questions about Flying with Kids?”

  1. I like to baby wear at the airport. TSA is usually nice and lets me keep the baby and carrier on through security. You can try a ring sling or basic sling so it doesn’t take too much space. Check out a local babywearing group and you can try some on and even borrow one for cheaper than buying a new one.

    • I have a very comfortable baby carrier and plan to use that throughout the airport and quite frankly through most of vacation. My world class traveling friends agree with you. They say its a must for traveling with babies šŸ™‚

  2. My understanding is that if you buy a seat for the baby, they must sit in it properly restrained for takeoff and landing, and when the fasten seat belt sign is lit. For my 13 – month old, that would be way more disastrous than having him climb up and down on me the whole time.

    For in the airport, I recommend baby wearing too – and I’ve also traveled with a stroller or even just a stroller base to load everything on so I can push it around. Strollers are free to gate check so even if I didn’t intend to use it are my destination, it was worth it to have in the airport.

  3. Thanks for your advice. I keep going back and forth on the topic. Buy a seat just for peace of mind knowing he might not sit in it or don’t buy a seat and wonder if he fusses the whole time if I was just being cheap šŸ™‚


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