Random Thoughts on This Rainy Afternoon

Oh it feels like one of those days…

  • The final cost of my plumbing repairs came to $6,465. The contractor came today to check out the damage and intends to send me a quote early next week. What are the odds that the cost to repair the walls will be more than $6,465? I bet we’re looking at $12,000 to $15,000 worth of costs for this little sewage blunder. (I am thankful that the smell of raw sewage is finally dissipating.)
  • I planned to post about an upcoming giveaway (wrote the post and everything), but now the company who offered to host is no longer responding to my emails. I’m going to try to reach out one more time, but if it doesn’t work out it’s a total bummer.
  • My son turned nine months old this week! I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. I am so thankful and grateful for my time with him.
  • Babies really don’t need much in life. My son is thrilled with plastic storage containers, cardboard boxes, books, a big yoga ball and my twenty year old hula hoop. Luckily most of our toys were hand-me-downs. At this age he really doesn’t seem to need many.
  • My post is currently running in the Personal Finance Olympics. If you are a fan of this blog I’d love for you to vote for it. If you do vote leave me a comment.
  • My husband and I purchased a new upright freezer to replace the chest freezer in our basement. This was completely unnecessary, (our old freezer was functioning just fine), but it was becoming more and more difficult to keep our food organized. The new freezer is less energy efficient (BOO!) but does help us keep things neatly stacked and in plain sight.
  • I read this article and couldn’t wait to clean out my pantry. As neurotic and crazy as it sounds I wrote down every item stacked on the shelves. Lately I find myself buying duplicate items or not buying items after we run out of them. I hope my new spreadsheet will help me avoid those problems.

8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on This Rainy Afternoon”

  1. Just letting you know I voted for your article. I’m thought I was fairly up to date with my banking, but apparently there’s a lot more out there than I knew about.

  2. Can you please share which brand freezer you bought? and how much capacity?

    I’m thinking about buying an upright freezer (so far we only have had the bottom freezer that coems with the fridge)..


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