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    1. The medical bills finally started rolling in. It is remarkable how much providers charge and how little insurance companies are willing to pay. The most outlandish bill was for lab work. The total: $1,570! The allowed charges knocked that bill all the way down to $57.01. Pretty remarkable! With all the bills in hand I now know that I owe roughly $2,000 more than I already paid, but I have reached my $2,600 deductible for the year, which means I shouldn’t owe much more from this point forward.
    2. The good news is that I feel 90% better than I did in February. The $1500 I spent on alternative treatments really paid off and my symptoms are almost non-existent.
    3. With the medical all clear we started trying again for baby #2. It took nearly a year to get pregnant with baby #1. I thought it would be easier this time around, but unfortunately I haven’t had any luck so far. I keep trying to remind myself that baby #1 was worth the wait, but some days that is easier said then done. I’d like to write more about my journey to motherhood, but I keep finding myself struggling to push the publish button on posts I write.
    4. There are a lot of babies coming into the world this spring and I have been on the lookout for baby bargains since late January. I scoured the clearance sections of a number of stores and managed to buy a mountain of gifts for friends and family who have or will soon be delivering. I plan to post pictures of the loot, but I need to wait just a little bit longer since some gifts have yet to be opened.
    5. In lighter financial and emotional news I bought 10 pairs of pajamas for my son from Old Navy. He finally transitioned out of footed pajamas and I had absolutely nothing else for him to wear. On my first trip to the store the prices were hovering between $5 and $6, so I bought just a few to make sure they fit well. They were perfect, so I returned a few days later to buy more. The second time around prices ranged from $0.97 to $2.67 so I snagged one of every design in his size and five more in the next size up. I had a $5 coupon from a previous visit and spent less than $2 per pair. I asked the clerk to price check a few items and I just noticed today that I was charged for something I didn’t buy. Ugh. I’ve never had this happen before but I suppose I’ll return to the store in the hopes of receiving a refund.
    6. That same day I tried to fill my car with gas at Shell and found after pumping that my reward points weren’t used to save 50 cents per gallon. The display mentioned a 50 cent savings, but after pumping the receipt showed the full price per gallon. I don’t think there is anything I can do about this one.
    7. I earned $2500 so far this year from online endeavors including reward programs, giveaways, advertising and surveys. I plan to sell a bunch of stuff on eBay in the next few weeks, which should give my PayPal account a slight boost. My advertising revenue has dropped dramatically as I haven’t posted much since I got sick in February.

I know I have other topics to write about, but it’s time to pack up the house and get ready for the beach, so I suppose that’s all I have to say for now. Everything is better at the beach and I cannot wait to get down there.

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  1. The journey to motherhood can be such a difficult one. I still kind of struggle with my feelings about how hard it was for me to conceive Baby M, when it seemed like all around me people were “falling pregnant” without even trying. I couldn’t talk about it at the time, and it feels weird to talk about it now, since we did eventually get pregnant. But that year….that was a bad, lonely year.

    Hope you all enjoy the beach!


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