Reflecting Before Donating

Sometimes I pause as I bundle up bags of clothes and other household items intended for our local donation center. I take a look at something I purchased not so long ago and wonder if I might ever wear or use it again.

Sometimes I look at the item in disgust. I wonder how I could have spent perfectly good money on an item I never really loved, never looked that good in and wore only a handful of times. These are the easy donations. I make a mental note of my financial mistake and move on from it.

Sometimes I stare down at an item and wonder how I’ll feel after parting with it. It may be something I once loved or a gift I previously adored. It is during those times that I pause for an extra second or two. First, to remember the good memories associated with that item and second to wonder if I can live without whatever it is I’m considering parting with.

Sometimes I find myself having a hard time letting go of things. Sometimes I hold onto an object and can’t imagine parting with it. It is during those times that I box things up and convince myself to wait some predetermined amount of time before driving to the donation center. Sometimes it’s three months, sometimes six, sometimes a year.

What I find most amazing is that for all of those moments of reflection I have yet to miss something once I send it out the door. In the past few years I’ve boxed up and donated so many things that I can’t possibly put a number in my head. In all that time I have yet to regret my decision to purge the clutter from my life and my home.

Over the years I’ve learned to live with less clutter. As the clutter leaves so does the emotional attachment to objects and things. By purging I create space in my life for creativity, enjoyment and company.

But sometimes I still need to take a moment to reflect on my possessions. Sometimes it’s harder than others. Sometimes…

2 thoughts on “Reflecting Before Donating”

  1. I completely agree.
    Before I moved out of my Mom’s house when I cleared out stuff I realized I should never go through this extra “do I really want to get rid of this?” Because once it was gone I never missed it.
    This ignores the times my Mom tried to add things to the never ending garage sale, or redistribute the things through out the house.
    So I started just sneaking them out the front door to salvation army or similar 🙂

  2. It’s amazing how important you think something is until you get rid of it. The minute it’s out the door you realize you didn’t really need it after all.


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