Reflecting On My Urge to Splurge

A few weeks after my son, (Baby A), was born a good friend dropped off the most adorable box of baby socks I’d ever seen. It was a colorful set that looked like little sneakers. They even have a little string at the top to mimic real shoe laces. Baby A has worn a pair of those socks almost every day for the first three months of his life.

Baby A’s sock drawer is right below his changing table, so every morning after placing him in an adorable outfit I’d open that drawer and find the perfect little sock to match. Since they came in so many different colors I never had a problem coordinating his socks with his clothes and everywhere we went people complimented his tiny little “shoes”.

After a long sleepless night there was something very satisfying about dressing Baby A and slipping his little feet into those tiny socks. It was a sign that we had survived waking up every hour and a half throughout the night and were moving forward with a brand new day. As soon as he gets his socks on in the morning we go downstairs to play.

Of all of the gifts I received from friends and family both before and after Baby A was born this gift is oddly enough one of my favorites. We received gifts that cost much more money and were certainly much more necessary, like the baby swing, crib and co-sleeper, but these little socks still rank at the top of my list.

I love them because they are so unique and adorable and the colors really pop in the photos I take of Baby A each day. If my friend hadn’t bought them I would’ve dressed my son in boring old white socks which wouldn’t look nearly as adorable in the photos I’m taking. As he becomes more active his little feet always seem to be kicking up into the air and the bright colors really help capture his movements on camera.

Well Baby A is growing by leaps and bounds. He is nearly off the height and weight chart and has outgrown these socks after just three months, so I went off to the Internet in search of replacements. When I found them on Amazon I couldn’t believe how much they cost, nearly $25 for six little pairs.

I know I can buy at least four or five times as many socks for that price or buy him two or three outfits from Marshalls or Ross. If I head to the thrift store I can find even more.

So knowing all that why am I so interested in splurging on a new box of highly priced socks? (I started poking around on Amazon and found other adorable pairs.)

I don’t think my desire is based solely on their cuteness factor. I think they remind me to pay attention to the small things in life like dressing my son and putting socks on his tiny feet every morning. I guess I just want to capture and hold on to these moments because I know they will pass so quickly.

I can’t believe he’s almost four months old already and I’m not ready to let this chapter, (the chapter of brightly colored socks), end so fast.

4 thoughts on “Reflecting On My Urge to Splurge”

  1. Weigh the $25 against the pleasure they’ll give you. Sometimes overwhelming cuteness (particularly where our babies are concerned) is worth a bit more! I love looking back at my babies’ pictures and seeing how adorable they looked in their little outfits. Now that they’re 20 and 16, that’s all the baby cuteness I have left!

    • Oh Pam I’m still thinking about it. I know a lot of people keep their baby clothes forever. I’m taking a lot of pictures so I can eventually donate them without feeling like I’m losing a part of my son’s history. I am still thinking about these socks, which must mean I really want to buy them! Since I can’t get them out of my head I might just have to get the credit card ready.

    • Unfortunately, they only make ones for smaller babies. At four months my son is probably close to wearing socks intended for a nine month old! Good thought though.


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