Review: The Artist’s Way Toolkit

I received access to the Artist’s Way Toolkit as part of the BlogHer review program. I downloaded the iPhone application and used it primarily for my evaluation.

The toolkit is designed to get you in touch with your inner artist. It contains a weekly calendar of events designed to spark your creativity. For example, in the past few weeks the ideas for inspiration have been:

  • Visit a part of your city or town that you are unfamiliar with
  • Go to a candy shop and buy yourself some of your favorite childhood candy
  • Visit a great second-hand or thrift shop
  • Go to the beach alone

There are also artist’s exercises with topics like

  • Take your artist for a walk, just the two of you. Record reflections you made.
  • If you had five other lives to lead, what you do in each of them?

I found some of the thoughts and ideas more interesting then others. I was really inspired by the ‘five other lives’ question, but not so interested in visiting a candy shop.

Overall, I found the application did open my mind to creative opportunities. I like how the Artist’s Way Toolkit tries to open your mind to new possibilities that will inspire you to think and act creatively, I’m just not sure that the application does the best the best job of it. I found some of the topics and activities a bit uninteresting and thus found myself less inspired to write then I’d hoped.

In all actuality the activities reminded me me of a creative writing class I took as a teenager. I wonder if someone younger would enjoy the activities more than I did as an adult.

Compensation Disclosure: This is a paid review. However, the opinions and thoughts are my own.

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