Sales Tax Holidays in DC and Virginia

It seems the good old Maryland General Assembly denied a tax holiday for the state of Maryland until 2010. Lucky for us, Virginia and DC are just a stone’s throw away. DC’s sales tax holiday runs August 2nd-10th and applies to all supplies, clothes, shoes, and accessory items that cost $100 or less. Virginia’s sales tax holiday runs August 1st-3rd and applies to school supplies of $20 or less and qualifying clothing and footwear selling for $100 or less.

I’ve been thinking about buying new pants for work with a gift card for New York and Company that’s been burning a whole in my pocket since Christmas. I thought about stopping by the mall on my way home this afternoon, but then I remembered that the tax holiday is right around the corner. With less than two weeks to go and no urgency to buy something new I’ve decided to wait until August to buy them.

2 thoughts on “Sales Tax Holidays in DC and Virginia”

  1. Yeah, I saw that. But, sales tax isn’t a huge concern for me…by employing other frugal strategies, I can save at least that much. Your idea of waiting until that time to buy an already planned purchase is a good idea, though!

    Nice blog title, by the way. LOL

  2. Oh, by the way, I’m in MD too, although I’m closer to Annapolis than DC. So, VA isn’t a good option for me! =P


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