Same Ingredients, Two Very Different Meals

My box garden was a little less successful than I would’ve liked this year, but a few vegetables seemed pretty happy in my little square. Among the list of successes were garlic, chives and a variety of peppers. A few days ago I picked these five very perky green peppers from the garden.

Tonight we used them to prepare two separate dishes. The first, green pepper, onion and ground beef pizza. It started out like this

and turned into this…

Honestly, the photos don’t do this dinner justice. It was absolutely delicious. I purchased a prepared, store brand pizza crust from the grocery store and layered it with extra cheese, ground beef, green peppers and onions. It cost a fraction of the cost of take out and it was prepared just the way we like it, light on the sauce, heavy on the cheese.

We used the ingredients sparingly, so I have enough left over for tomorrow night’s dinner. Next up, beef empanadas with onions, green peppers, corn and cheese.

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