Scrounging Up Money

As the nesting urges kick in I’ve gone into overdrive with straightening the house and searching for money. First, I tried to make money by selling off unwanted items and returning unused clothing. Next, I started rummaging through all of those various places that money can hide.

I looked in the obvious places, like the glove box and under the seats of my car. I was vacuuming in there anyway, so I figured there was no harm in digging out the pennies and dimes I found along the way.

From there I moved on to my small purse collection. Despite the fact that I’m in my early thirties I have to admit that my grandmother has purchased just about every purse I’ve ever owned. It’s her claim to shopping fame and I often tell her she should buy me a few more before she dies. That way she can continue the tradition long after she’s passed away. (I can use one purse for nearly a decade, so she really does not need to stock up all that much.)

Surprisingly enough I found a few dollars in each of them and nearly $50 in one. I also found a few half used gift cards along the way that I can use to buy lunch. Most of them had $10 or less on them, but if I can find good coupons to some of our local sandwich shops I bet I can purchase grub for next to nothing.

This isn’t a lot of money in the big scheme of things, but I figured since I was straightening, rearranging and purging anyway I might as well gather up what I found.

I compared prices on a number of baby products and if I buy new, (I plan on searching for some things on Craigslist), I think Amazon is the place to go. I’ll take whatever change I find to a Coinstar machine this week where I can trade it in for a gift card. It won’t make a significant dent in our overall expenses, but every little bit counts.

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  1. While I am not a religious person I find this post makes me think of the bible and The Book of Ruth.

    When you have to, you glean.


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