Selling One Thing to Buy Another

I celebrated my first mother’s day this weekend. My husband, son and I went out for a long walk around the lake, attempted to make handprints and planted a beautiful tree in our front yard. Just spending time with the family was the greatest gift, but it turns out my little man had a gift all his own to give me. While playing on the couch between my husband and I my six month old son pulled himself into a standing position.

I looked at my husband and my husband looked at me. We were both in disbelief and plopped him back down into sitting position to see if he could do it again. Sure enough he raised himself onto his feet three times in a row!

He started the earliest form of a crawl a week or so ago, but I had no idea how quickly he would go from just rolling back and forth to making his way from one side of the room to the other. He’s unbelievably active right now and if I place him on the floor he’s off to the races in no time.

So it’s time to start baby-proofing the house. That means putting up baby gates, bumpers on tables and covering all of the electrical sockets. I actually got down on the floor of our living room and sun room so I can see the world from his perspective.

As I was pulling on drawers to the TV cabinet I found a bunch of stuff to sell including unused game consoles. I bundled them back into their original packaging and sold them on eBay. Unfortunately, the buyers won’t pay up and now I have to go through the awful process of trying to collect my money. Such a pain.

The good news is that the game consoles will pay for the double wide baby gate I purchased to prevent my little tike from leaving the living room. I’m hoping to baby proof the room well enough that I can leave him in there rather than placing him in the playpen. He’s a big kid. In the 95th percentile already and that little space seems so tiny for him.

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  1. That is what I am trying to do as well. However trying to sell what I have owned for a while is just difficult for me. Things have memories associated with them , I still own my old Sega, its like an antique I will pass to my kids, so that they can learn how uncompleted it was once

    • Just remember that most of the time once you get rid of something you won’t think about it again. I’ve had a difficult time parting with things in the past too, but I don’t regret purging. Once it’s out of the house I seem to forget about it.

  2. Happy 1st Mother’s Day! Reading your posts really inspire me to have a little one of my own. The time is coming, but I feel so much more inspired and prepared reading the blogs.

    Congrats on the baby’s milestone as well…I’m sure you are such the proud momma!

    • Thanks Beth! It’s crazy how fast they grow. If you have a little one make sure you buy a good camera and video camera so you can capture all those early moments šŸ™‚

    • I checked out those baby gates, but do they really contain a baby? My little one is extremely strong and big (80th and 95th percentiles). I don’t know if a little fabric would keep him at bay šŸ™‚

  3. That’s great that he did that! I used to have a hard time parting with stuff, but after accumulating so many baby things, I also like to purge! I just take pics of it to fill that void. I do agree with you when you say you don’t think about it after it leaves the house tho. I have found that to be the case with me too. I hope those ebayers pay up soon…what a pain is right!


    • Oh yeah! Pictures, lots and lots of pictures, sometimes I make something out of them too. Like making pillows out of old t-shirts.

    • Make sure you provide specific settings if you don’t want people to bid that are outside the US or that have negative feedback. I still had someone bid with negative feedback, but those settings are supposed to prevent that.


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