So Little to Return this Year

For the first time in many, many years I had very few unwanted gifts to return to the store. In fact, I had only two gifts for myself and one gift that I bought for my grandmother. Luckily my returns were a breeze. I had receipts for everything that didn’t work out and stood in relatively short lines.

Looking at the mounds of unwanted items behind the returns counter made me a little sad. The heaping piles of gifts were spilling over. Wrinkled shirts and pants were crammed under unwanted cookware, picture frames and toys. When you think of all the time and energy spent searching for the perfect gift it seems a shame that so many items end up right back at the store.

Target was the worst. The back of the returns section was so overloaded that the cashier barely had anywhere to stand. Even the counter was overrun with unwanted items.

I for one was happy with almost everything I received this year. It definitely helps to have a hobby. Since mine is cooking I received a bunch of items like sauces and marinades, which will be eaten and enjoyed. The best part of all, food gifts result in very little clutter. We’ll eat the contents and recycle the jars.

I only hope everyone else enjoyed their gifts as much as I enjoyed mine. I’d hate to think my friends and relatives are wasting time standing in line.

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