Sold Old Books for $99.83

In an effort to rid our house of clutter I went through the house in search of items to sell. My husband and I keep our house fairly neat and tidy so clutter isn’t a big issue for us, but I hate to see things accumulating. It just means there is more to dust and clean. I realized we had an overabundance of books in the house, so many in fact that one of our bookshelves broke from over use. I painstakingly pulled the books off the shelves and looked for those that weren’t too old and worn. Then I went online and found two sites that offered to buy old books. The first, offered slightly less per book than So I entered the ISBN numbers of just about every book in the house and found 15 that the websites were willing to buy. All told I’ll make $99.83 for clearing old books that otherwise would have been donated.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with the other books that couldn’t be sold. Any ideas?

5 thoughts on “Sold Old Books for $99.83”

  1. Sell them yourself on or trade them for books you want on …or they also have an option to give them to charity.

  2. Donate them to your local public library. If they can’t use them, they’ll sell them at their next fundraising book sale.


  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I’m definitely going to give paperbackswap and bookmooch a try. I’ll drop all the other books off at the library.

  4. Besides the library – retirement complexes, long term care facilities (often have readers for the patients), veterans organizations.


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