Sorry to See the Weekend Come to a End

My husband and I have been home every weekend since the middle of June. After a busy spring schedule, which involved trip after trip between our primary home and our rental property it feels unbelievably pleasant to settle down in one location for the summer.

The trips back and forth can take over six hours each way and with twelve extra hours in the weekend I feel like I’m getting an extra day to enjoy. My husband and I are spending a ton of time together, exploring the farmer’s market, gardening, completing projects and cooking amazing meals.

These last few weeks I’ve renewed my love for food. Searching for in season produce and creating scrumptious meals has become my favorite summer pastime and I find myself spending quite a bit of time thinking about what I want to eat for my next meal.

Before I left home this afternoon, (to spend a soul warming afternoon with my dad, mom and grandmother), I asked my wonderful hubby to take something out for dinner. He completely forgot about it, until I came home and asked the infamous “what’s for dinner” question. He had absolutely no idea and truth be told he wasn’t in the mood to cook something, since he was hot and itchy from working in the yard all afternoon.

I fought the urge to call for pizza, searched the pantries, found a new recipe online and created the most scrumptious macaroni and cheese ever. Luckily we had everything we needed on hand, (thank God for stockpiling my groceries), with the exception of half-and-half, for which I substituted milk.

We cooked dinner together. I mixed the ingredients, he cleaned up the dishes behind me, and forty minutes later we sat down to the perfect meal. Rather than sitting at the table we nestled on the couch, nibbled mac-and-cheese and watched a movie. When the show was over we stood in the doorway and watched the rain.

If only every day could begin and end like this one.

2 thoughts on “Sorry to See the Weekend Come to a End”

  1. These kinds of posts are my favorite, because they show how much you enjoy life and value the joys that aren't simply material. As a reader, that makes me appreciate the sincerity of your writing; as a person it makes me look forward to the simple pleasures that cost us nothing.

  2. @Muttersome – Thanks for the kind comment. I actually didn't think about the 'cost us nothing' factor, but your comment makes me relish the moments of yesterday even more!


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