Still No Power

Thank goodness we had a wonderful, rested and relaxed week long trip to North Carolina. My husband worked on the house, (like usual), but Baby A and I just enjoyed the scenery. Lots of trips to the beach and pool. I so wanted to stay at the beach, but unfortunately renters were moving in on Sunday so we had no choice but to head back to Maryland.

Due to the big storm that hit the east coast our house has no power and certainly no air conditioning, but the good news is that my parents and in-laws are letting us crash with them for a few nights until power is restored.

Last night was a bit rough for Baby A as he slept in a play yard. Well I should say we tried to put him in a play yard and gave up and co-slept after an hour of two of complete breakdowns and fussing.

The electric companies are telling us to prepare for a week without power. While I’m grateful to my parents and in-laws I sure hope it doesn’t take that long to get the juice turned back on. I want to get all of us back into our own beds!

Thanks to some very helpful comments on last week’s post we started sleep training Baby A when we were in North Carolina and were making great progress. I hope this week he doesn’t revert to his old, fussy, night time ways.

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