Strugging to Create a Christmas Wish List

Tonight I stared at a blank piece of paper for quite some time before I could think of something to write in my Christmas wish list. I feel very fortunate and blessed in my life and as that sense of fulfillment grows my desire for new stuff dissipates. Unfortunately, I know I cannot convince my family that I don’t need anything new so I’ve created a very short list for them.

This year I’m primarily asking for cooking supplies. I made three new recipes for Thanksgiving and each one was more scrumptious than the next. I don’t require a whole lot of gadgets in the kitchen, (I think I could survive with a knife, a spoon and one large bowl), but I’ve decided to ask for a few things that will help me prepare dinner and dessert.

I’m also asking for a few things to inspire my creativity. Perhaps a new journal, paint, colored pencils, I’m not exactly sure what to ask for yet, but I’m hoping for something that will both inspire me and provide an outlet for stress. Speaking of stress, I think I’ll ask for a meditation book and possibly some meditation or yoga DVDs. I’m also planning on buying these for my mom, who is quite stressed by the failing health of my aging grandmother.

I’ve also added a handful of books that have been on my reading list for months now. I’m going to recommend used books from or eBay. I see no need for my family to waste money on new copies when I’ll be perfectly happy with used ones.

That’s about all I can come up with for now. It’s nice not to need much in life.

7 thoughts on “Strugging to Create a Christmas Wish List”

  1. It sounds like you came up with a good list of things that will work with your lifestyle and your family’s desire to buy you things.

    You could also make a list of experieinces you’d like. These can range from free (spring picnic) to pricey (going to see your favorite artist).

  2. I’m like you… I have such a hard time thinking of material things I want. Ever since I was a kid I’ve just been impossible to buy for.

  3. You mean medi-TA-tion books, right? (Or a new career beckons!)

    I enjoy your blog so much — it’s my regular stop each day I’m online. Thanks, and keep on writing!

  4. @sara — Last year I asked for a bunch of experience related gifts like hockey tickets, movie tickets, gift certificates for dinner, etc. That’s a great way to let others give gifts without filling the house with clutter!

    @ashley — As a kid I wanted everything. My list only started shrinking in the last 10 or 15 years.

    @cindy — Thanks of the heads up on the typos!

  5. You are very blessed to have trouble making a list. I think that is fantastic! Other things you might want to consider include some exotic ingredients (saffron, truffle oil, funky ethnic foods) or more-pricey “staples.” This year I put some expensive hair care products and make up on my list. It is stuff I’ll definitely use and appreciate. šŸ™‚

  6. I think you’re opening few sentences are exactly what I feel too. I just don’t want anything more at the moment but still people insist on buying things for me, things which, frankly, I don’t actually need – if I needed them, I’d have bought them already.

    I think I might do what you said last year and ask for experiences. That sounds like a winner to me.

  7. @juice — Actually I have been thinking about asking for one or two luxury items. The problem is I’m so frugal by nature that I have trouble asking others to splurge on even the smallest items.

    @retire@40 — Here is a link to some of the things I asked for last year.


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