Suggestions for my Beach Rental Home

As a child I went on very few vacations with my family. Once or twice we rented a condo in Ocean City. One summer we arrived at the ocean to find a run down condo with stained floors, outdated appliances and uncomfortable furniture. My parents spent a good deal of money on that rental and they expected a beautiful home away from home, not a shabby run down shack of a condo. I can still remember my mom’s disappointment as we walked inside. I can still remember her saying it was such a waste of money.

I know that many families save up money each year to take a single family vacation. So now that I own a home at the ocean I want my guests to enjoy their stay just as much as we do. In fact, at the end of every rental season I read over our guest book to find out what the guests most enjoyed about their stay. If they mention the need for a specific beach or household item I make certain to purchase one for the upcoming rental season.

In the three years since we’ve owned the home we’ve remodeled two bathrooms, replaced the hot tub with a much larger one, installed a pool heater, refitted the kitchen with recessed lights, replaced appliances, replaced bedroom and living room furniture, built a small deck under the house, hung new paintings and pictures and replaced all of the bedspreads with more colorful ones.

Just before the summer rental season begins, I head to the store in search of games, pool toys, and other inexpensive amenities that will bring enjoyment to the guests. I have met many other owners who treat their homes like a business. They upgrade their homes only when it’s necessary and don’t care to provide any extras. In truth they don’t care whether or not their guests enjoy their time at the beach. But I want my guests to love my home so much that they return year after year. I want their first thought to be, “I’m so glad we chose to stay here.”

This year though I’m running out of ideas for additional items I can provide. After a long conversation with a recent guest I am considering purchasing the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction™ Maker. It’s essentially a large blender perfect for making margaritas, but at nearly $300 it seems a bit pricey. Other than the super sized blender I’m all out of ideas. If you have any suggestions for items you’ve enjoyed at the beach or think a beach home should have please leave a comment. I know my guests will appreciate the suggestions.

3 thoughts on “Suggestions for my Beach Rental Home”

  1. You know, when we rent a condo, I don’t care if it’s got books or games or a fancy blender. What matters more to me is comfortable furniture! We’ve stayed in some beach condos where the sofa was so narrow you felt like you were going to fall off at any moment. The “easy” chairs were stiff and uncomfortable and it seems like even if you rent a condo that sleeps 15-20 people, there is only a sofa and a chair, never enough room for everyone to kick back.

    This past winter we stayed in a condo in a ski area. For a condo that slept 6, there was one sofa and one chair. This meant I had to sit on the couch with both my sons so my dh could have the chair to himself. Sharing a sofa stinks, especially at the end of a long day when you want to stretch out and relax.

    Just my .02. That blender thing sounds pretty groovy though.

  2. Our extended family has stayed in Topsail Beach,NC a couple of times. I am in charge of renting the house. What do I look for? A house which looks like the owners care about it. Which to me sounds like you guys do. From reading past posts you have a jacuzzi, pool, provide games, toys, movies, etc.


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