Taking It to the CEO

I’m not typically one to be quiet. If you ruffle my feathers I’ll probably let you know about it. If you don’t solve my problem I’ll probably find someone above you who will. That’s just the way things go in my world. Why stand back and let the world whip you around when you can take control of the reigns and make things happen?

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you know that the HR staff at my former company screwed up the processing of my severance payout. For whatever reason they failed to mail out the paperwork required to receive my severance and then never apologized for failing to send it out.
When I called to have the issue rectified I was told the severance check which was originally due to arrive in December was now set to arrive in February. That means I would’ve been waiting for quite some time to receive that money. It also means my severance would’ve been applicable to the 2012 tax year rather than 2011.
My severance was large enough to place me over the limit for payroll taxes this year, so if the check arrived in December I would’ve been saved from paying social security tax. If it arrived in 2012 I would’ve paid the full rate, which by the way is going back up to 6.2% next year.
I was annoyed that HR screwed up, failed to apologize and didn’t seem very interested in rectifying the situation for me. I was told by my HR representative that nothing could be done. I didn’t believe that. I knew that payroll could cut a check for me by December 31st.
I emailed the CEO of my former company along with a VP of Human Resources. I explained my situation, how long I’d been with the company and the bizarre circumstances with which I was let go (a massive layoff for a position I’d just applied for) and that I’d like a check cut before December 31st.
Sure enough I received an immediate response saying the problem could be rectified. A check was shipped via overnight delivery and I received it early this afternoon.
It’s just another case to prove that I am my own best advocate. If I fight for what I believe is right I usually win!

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