Tallies from 2012: How Much Money Did My Blog Earn?

Every year I intend to tally up the amount of money I earn from online endeavors including, but not limited to, blogging. Usually I lose track of just how much I earned and lost and this year is no exception. I’m sure I’m missing a few figures here and there but overall I think it’s within a few hundred dollars of the actual number.

Amazon Sales $28.68
Selling Used Books $101.07
Goods Received $140.00
Giveaways $149.00
Surveys $474.00
eBay Sales $641.73
Writing Contests $750.00
Advertising $1,957.25
TOTAL: $4,241.75


As you can see I made the most money through advertising. This included tweets, links on Facebook, sponsored posts and simple sidebar advertisements. Averaged out over a twelve month period I earned roughly $160 each month, though in reality most of my advertising revenue was generated in a three month period. $160 is a pretty pitiful amount of money, (certainly not enough to quit one’s day job), but I should note that I do not write this blog as a means to make money. In fact, I turn down quite a few requests for sponsored posts each month, because I don’t like the advertisement or I’m unwilling to clutter my blog for the small amount of money advertisers are willing to pay me.

In looking over the numbers I was most surprised by the amount of money I earned from completing online surveys. I typically fill these out early in the morning or late at night after my son’s in bed. They only take a few minutes and typically pay just a few dollars each. I’m also a member of a couple of online communities whose pay rates vary based on level of participation.

Amazon sales is also an interesting category. This money was earned in the last two weeks of December off of links included in one particular post. I ended up adding links on a whim. I wrote the post years ago, but decided it wouldn’t hurt to cash in on it’s popularity.

I’m most proud of the $750 worth of cash and prizes I won through two online writing contests. Neither contest included a huge number of entries, but it still feels good to win a prize based on skill and ability. Of course, I don’t mind the $150 worth of prizes I won by entering simple online contests either. There’s certainly nothing wrong with a little easy money.

10 thoughts on “Tallies from 2012: How Much Money Did My Blog Earn?”

  1. Congrats! Could you share more about the surveys you do and the advertising? I am interested in pursuing these two means of income, as well. Oh the amazon links too! Thanks!!

    • Hi Sarah – Thanks for the comment. I’ll try to write up a post this week to answer your questions. It’ll take me awhile to dig up all the info.

  2. I would love to know more about how you got into the Surveys… which groups you are in and how you avoid getting your phone number on dozens of lists.

    • Hi Ruby Leigh – I’ll write up a post this week with links to the survey sites. I’ve never had a problem with my phone numbers ending up on lists. At least not that I know of.

    • Actually I only applied to two contests and won them both. I found them through other blogs. You had to write a post about the contest and when I saw the post I submitted an entry myself. Where do you typically find out about contests? I’d love to apply to others.

      • I subscribe to newsletters of local bookstores & writing groups/organizations. They usually mention a few on-going contests from different sources each month.


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