Tea Collection Review

As a thank you for hosting a recent giveaway the kind folks at Tea Collection allowed me to select an item from their new baby collection. I had the most difficult time choosing which item I wanted to review. Each item in their baby clothing collection is more adorable than the next.

I particularly like the tea sets, which contain multiple tops and bottoms that can be worn interchangeably. This makes dressing children a breeze. No matter what you pull from the collection you know the top will match the pants. It’s also great because the dresses can be worn with or without the leggings, so if it’s cold outside you can put them on and if it’s hot you can simply leave them hanging in the closet.

After a lot of contemplation I decided on the Akita Shirred Neck Dress. I received the item last week, just in time for an upcoming baby shower. The dress is constructed of 100% machine washable cotton and is unbelievably soft to the touch. The rose petal pattern is much more detailed than it appears in the image above. It is delicate, detailed and feminine without being overly girlie and the tiny ruffles at the neck and wrists add just the right touch.

The material is so soft that it feels luxurious. In fact, I bought a few other items for the baby shower from Babies-R-Us and they each felt stiff and scratchy by comparison.

I am extremely satisfied by the quality and construction of the item I received. I am even happier that it comes from a company that purposefully seeks out beauty found in cultures around the world. Tea Collection partners with multiple non-profit groups and has a dedicated page on their site for donation requests. That’s certainly not something you find on the website of most children’s clothing stores.

Thank you Tea Collection for allowing me to host a giveaway for your clothing line and for providing an item for my review.

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