That’s One Way to Save Money on Groceries

At one point in time I decided to use baskets at the grocery store rather than carts. Hand baskets forced me to think through each and every product. After all, if an item wasn’t on my list or on sale, I certainly didn’t want to lug it all the way around the store.

Of course, this worked much easier for some products then others. I could avoid a heavy twelve pack of soda a little more easily then a lightweight candy bar. But overall this trick worked for me for years. Inevitably I found that I purchased a lot less impulsively when I was forced to carry the weight of those products around in my arms. More often than not I found that I simply didn’t have the room or the strength to lug things around.

Well today I found a new trick. For the first time in four months I took my son grocery shopping with me. By the time I fit his car seat into the back of the cart there was little to no room for food. I carried my coupon binder in the front of the cart so I primarily used half of the front portion, plus the space just above the wheels.

As I walked through the aisles I considered picking up one thing or another, but I had absolutely no room in the for them. I was forced to stick to the list of items that were on sale. It not only cost us less to shop today, but actually took less time as I knew there was no point in wandering the aisles. Plus I had the added benefit of looking down to see my little angel looking back at me.

Soon enough my son will be big enough to ride in the front of the cart, but for now this little trick will definitely help us cut back on impulsively buying groceries.

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