The Best Thing I Ever Received From Blogging

I am definitely grateful for the little things in life, but last week I was grateful for a small shipment of pomegranate juice sent from the great folks at POM Wonderful. I have written about my love of POM on more than one occasion on this blog. I wrote How Clipping Coupons Got Me Into Trouble, which is really when my love affair with pomegranate juice began and later I wrote I Won, I Won! when I won a contest for free POM coupons at My Good Cents. I absolutely love POM juice. Honestly, the little bottles are much too expensive to purchase on a regular basis, but they are the one thing in the grocery store that I treat myself to every so often. Now, thanks to the good folks at POM I have a couple of miniature bottles lined up in fridge waiting for me. It’s the most tangible item I’ve ever received for writing this blog and I’m grateful that POM decided to share their juice with me. Thanks so much!

4 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Ever Received From Blogging”

  1. That’s wonderful! I love POM, too. I eat pomegranates a lot because they’re insurance for my health during the winter AND they taste fantastic. How nice of them to send those bottles to you. Hey, now you can write about how great the latest IPOD is. Who knows where that will lead…


  2. POM is Wonderful (no pun intended)! My chiropractor suggested I drink it for the antioident benefits and I love pomegranates anyway. Enjoy!


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