The Cost of Being Sick

I am sick of not feeling well. I know better than to pity myself or cling to the hope that things will get better. After three years things are not going to get better. This is my life and I should be thankful to be alive at all. I know that people have it much worse than I do. I know there are people fighting terminal diseases. I know there are people who are losing their battles, but it’s hard to wake up every day in pain. Pain that is invisible to the rest of the world.

Today after spending one hour and $125 at the massage therapist’s office, my practitioner informed me that my original medical problem may be causing new symptoms. If this is true there is nothing I can do about it. Surgeon’s have already done all they can. So if there will be pain, there will be pain, and I will simply continue paying for anything and anyone that can provide momentary relief from it.

5 thoughts on “The Cost of Being Sick”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about all of your pain and frustrations. Hopefully something can be done, if not now, in the future. And until that day comes, I hope you can find joy in loved ones and the small things that bring you happiness.

  2. Know how you feel I’m at three years of severe chronic daily pain, plus other symptoms, as well. Lots of med. bills and feeling worse and worse each day. It’s hard, and normal to feel bad for yourself now and then. Keeping the perspective like you seem to be doing helps too. It’s hard to just live with the pain and it does wear on us and make us weaker. Doing all you can to treat yourself well–like the massage–is so important. In my case our finances are down the drain bc of my health too. That hurts not just my body and psyche but so many other parts of my life too. It ain’t easy and I feel for you and know many others do too. Keep treating yourself well and don’t feel bad when you need to vent.

  3. So sorry to hear that there are new symptoms. I’m on year 12 of chronic pain and illness, and I know it’s really disheartening when new symptoms show up. I hope the massages continue to help alleviate some of the pain, in the meantime.

  4. Thankfully I don’t have a chronic painfully condition. But I know all about pain and hate it with a vengeance. Thanks to millions of years of evolution sometimes we’re inflicted with something that may be useful to the species in general in most circumstances but in some individual circumstances is detrimental to survival. Know that technology is progressing fast and that your still young. A cure may not be that too far away.

    This is probably a silly question as you’ve probably already done it, but have you tried acupuncture? My cousin had bad back pain and it took it away.


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