The Days Go By So Quickly


It’s tough to blog on vacation. I want to spend my days enjoying the weather and enjoying my time away from technology. A two week trip to the beach has quickly turned into 3 1/2 weeks. That’s the nice part about owning my own beach house and not having a job. I can park myself her and not budge until I’m ready to go home.

Next year my son may very well attend a preschool in our area, so it’ll be hard to delay his start date or pull him out of class so soon after the school year begins. This year I feel like I have more free reign than I’ll ever have again. My son is also more fun than ever.

My husband bought one of those electronic picture frames and filled it with thousands of photos I’ve taken since my son was born. As I watch the images flash before my eyes I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. I also can’t believe how much I wanted to freeze those moments in time. My son seemed so sweet and cuddly back then, but with each passing stage he has gotten so much more enjoyable. When I look back I wish I knew then what I know now, that those stages represent such a short period of time. That all things, (like now sleeping through the night), will pass and that with time everything gets better.

So I’m relishing this time at the beach with my little guy. We are enjoying the pool, the beach, the water, kayak rides and just  being outside for extended periods of time. The long summer days are already shortening and the cold winter months aren’t too far ahead.

I’m trying to make mental notes of this time together. I’m also trying to photograph, record videos and write in his baby journal. In a few days our vacation will come to an end and I’ll be unbelievably sad to say goodbye to the beach for awhile. No matter how much I document our time here I do wish that I could pause our time here.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! Just last week on our annual trip to the NC shore, I watched my littlest ones playing in the surf and wished that time would stand still. It is why, after 15 years of renting at the beach, my husband & I are talking about buying. And the resulting research (my reaction to any new idea!) is how I found your blog! I love reading all of the details you’ve shared about keeping your beach home. Thank you!


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