The Final Christmas Tally

The final tally of my Christmas gifts is just over $222 in credit cards and cash (including coins), plus an additional $105 in redeemed gift cards and certificates. I can’t list all of the gifts on account of any wandering eyes who might glance onto my blog, but my best deal by far was at the Body Shop where I spent $20 for $80 worth of goods. I bought a $20 Groupon for $40 worth of Body Shop products and paired it with a 50% off deal I received for spinning a wheel at the front of the store.

Now that I’ve finished my Christmas shopping and tallied up my totals I must admit that I’m somewhat surprised that I spent $222. I used every coupon and discount available and even waited until free shipping day to buy a gift for family members living in Hawaii. (The shipping fees to Hawaii often cost more than the gift.)

My next task is to write down every gift I purchased, where I purchased it and who received it. I’ve been keeping a list like this since 2003. I know it seems a bit type-A and maybe a bit crazy, but I like to keep track of what I purchased so I don’t buy the same or similar things for people year after year. It also helps me to reflect on the act of giving and to count my blessings for all of the people in my life that I love.

I’m happy that my Christmas lists are finally crossed off and that I can now sit back and enjoy the rest of December. Bring on the eggnog!

2 thoughts on “The Final Christmas Tally”

  1. Wow, I'm so jealous…$222! I wish I could spend that little. Although I'm going to start Christmas shopping year round starting Dec 26th for next year šŸ™‚
    I do the same thing with keeping track with what DH and I get and give each year. That way we can see money wise what to get people (why spend $100 on people when they spend $50 on me? It only seems fair…)


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