The Go To Dinner

Do you have a list of go to dinners in your repertoire that you tend to eat week after week? I certainly do. This week my husband and I prepared macaroni and cheese, buffalo chicken with baked potatoes, beef tacos made with prepackaged seasoning and open chicken sandwiches with stock based gravy.

I bought two rotisserie chickens earlier in the week and used that chicken in three dinners and one lunch. I did find one new recipe: baked samosas, which my husband and I cooked together on Sunday night. Other than that this week was a hodge-podge of go-to meals that were easy to prepare and super quick to eat.

I always find it difficult to transition back to making nightly meals after two weeks away on vacation. Last week we turned to Noodles & Company and Papa John’s. This week I vowed to make the most of the food in our pantry and managed to cook dinner every night, even if we didn’t eat the most spectacular meals.

I definitely need to expand my repertoire though. I get awfully sick of macaroni and cheese, buffalo chicken and tacos. My husband is great about cooking dinner when I work late a few days a week, but I need to find a few more go-to meals he can prepare with little time and energy. Do you have any favorite meals that you turn to when you don’t have a lot of time to cook dinner? Do you have a list of tasty go-to meals that you find yourself preparing week after week? If so, do you ever get totally and completely sick of making them over and over again? I know I do.

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  1. Not usually, but BF does. Hence why we hardly ever eat spag bol, chili or nachos. (Although to be fair, I'm a bit sick of pasta too).

    Usually in our rotation: Thai curry, roast and veg, steak and veg, burgers, random variations of all kinds of stir fries. Also sausages and mash, and breakfast for dinner!


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