The Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About the Same Person

Have you ever gone to sleep and dreamed about someone? A few nights later, you dream about that person again, and the pattern continues for days, weeks, or even years.

What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about the same person repeatedly?

When our dreams repeat, it often means we have yet to listen to the message of our previous slumbers. Our brains are trying to sort out issues, questions, or problems, but we need to take the time in our waking hours to process them.

Dreaming About the Same Person

When we dream about the same person, it is typically a person who is very close to us in real life. And some believe these repeated dreams are the universe’s way of bringing us together. 

Many dream interpreters believe that if you dream about someone, they may also be dreaming about you. In some cosmic way, we are all connected, and that connection may be stronger at night than in the daytime.

Dreaming About the Same Person Because You Failed to Say Something You Wanted to Say

If you dream about the same person repeatedly, you may feel like you need to get something off your chest. Maybe you wanted to tell this person you loved them but didn’t have the courage to do so. Perhaps you tried to tell them you were angry about what they did but didn’t have the strength to speak up for yourself.

Now that the moment has passed, you replay the event in your dream. You talk to the person in your dream when you cannot talk with them in real life.

You are the director of your dreams, so while you sleep, you work through the things you want to say. You see the same person in your dream, so you can work through the pain of not finishing your conversation in your waking life.

When we dream about the same person, we typically have unfinished business with them. Maybe they left on bad terms or acted aggressively toward you. In toxic relationships, we often dream of the same person because we are brave enough to face them. We’ve learned to stay quiet and avoid those same people in real life.

Dreaming About the Same Person Because You Think of Them Often

We often dream about things swirling around in our minds throughout the day. If you go to sleep thinking about someone, the odds are good that you will dream about them too.

Why are you thinking of someone just before drifting off? Are you worried that they might be in trouble? Were you reminiscing happily about them? Did you spend time with them that day?

We often dream about someone because we think about them during our waking hours.

Dreaming About the Same Person Because You Have Unfinished Business with Them

Sometimes we dream about the same person because we have unfinished business with them. Maybe you got into a fight and slammed the door on your way out or said hurtful things.

Perhaps nothing terrible happened, but your friendship fizzled out over the years, and you suddenly recognized the void their absence had left behind.

During the day, you may not think about this person, but at night you reimagine an active relationship with them. You place them in your dreams because you miss their companionship.

Can you reach out to this person in real life? Sometimes these dreams will urge you to reconnect with someone you haven’t seen in a very long time.

Dreaming About a Friend Repeatedly

Sometimes our dreams alert us to trouble. If you dream of a friend repeatedly, you might want to reach out to them to ensure they are well.

We often dream about friends when we haven’t seen them for a while. Has a new romantic relationship squeezed out the time you previously spent with your friend, or is a busy career keeping you from seeing one another?

Dreams about friends also remind us that our time on earth is limited, and it’s essential to say hi, check-in, or ask about their work, relationships or family.

Dreaming About the Same Person Because You Avoid Them

Sometimes we keep dreaming about the same person because we struggle to come to terms with our relationships in real life.

Maybe we wanted a romantic relationship, but the man we fell in love with was already married. Perhaps we tried to forge a new friendship but were kept outside an already-formed friend group.

Perhaps our parents treated us poorly, and we never got a chance to rectify our negative feelings or tell them how their behavior hurt us as children. Maybe a bully knocked us down when we were kids, and we never got the chance to stand up against them.

Sometimes, when we avoid these difficult topics by talking to others, journaling, or committing to therapy, the same people continue to show up in our dreams.

It’s like our subconscious is telling us we have more business to take care of in the real world.

Dreaming About a Person Repeatedly

Of course, dreaming about the same person in your dreams night after night may signify a crush. Do you have romantic feelings for the person who keeps showing up in your dreams?

Do you wish to approach them about the chance of a relationship but fear that they will reject your advances? Sometimes we dream of someone because we are too scared to tell them about our feelings in real life.

Other times we dream about someone because we have not recognized or accepted our feelings for them.

Dream About the Same Person Because You Miss Them

The most obvious reason we dream about the same person is that we miss them deeply. Maybe you’ve lost touch with an old childhood friend, moved far away from your family, or have yet to see former coworkers after switching jobs.

When we miss someone, we conjure images of them while we sleep.

Dreaming About the Same Person When You Feel Guilty

Sometimes we dream about the same person because we wronged them somehow. Maybe we picked on them when they were children or excluded them from the in-crowd. 

Perhaps we made a mistake that we never apologized for or purposely acted against them in a way that we wish we hadn’t.

When we feel guilty for our past actions, we dream of the same person so that we can appeal to them and let them know we are sorry or that we have changed.

Dreaming About Someone Because You Need Their Approval

If you have a terrible relationship with your parents and keep seeing them in your dreams, you may have unresolved issues lingering from your childhood.

If you keep dreaming about seeing one or both of your parents, it might mean you are still seeking their approval. Some parents expect perfect children, while others show their constant disapproval.

You may dream of your parents because you wish they would be proud of your success.

Dream About the Same Person Because You Are Processing Grief

When someone dies, we often see them in our dreams. When my father passed away earlier this year, I dreamed of him often. In most of my dreams, my dad was healthy and happy.

Seeing him in my dreams was comforting, and I often woke feeling sad that he wasn’t still alive in real life. Many mornings I cried at the realization, which provided a strange sense of relief. Sometimes it feels good to cry.

Repeatedly Dreaming of Your Ex

What does it mean when your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend continually appears in your dream? Many people think this means you want to get back together, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes we dream about an ex when we fear making similar mistakes in subsequent relationships.

If you are in a new relationship, you might dream of an ex so you can replay the bad parts of your relationship and recognize that you are in a better place now.

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