Thieves Missed the Wad of Cash in My Car

I received an early copy of Wise Bread’s 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget and couldn’t help but laugh when I reached page 220. Under the topic The Best and Worst Places to Stash Your Cash the book recommends hiding cold, hard cash in a half empty tampon box. According to the book, “a robber won’t think to look in there. (Ladies can be certain that a husband or boyfriend won’t find it, either.)”

Oddly enough, I like to keep a small wad of cash in my car in case of emergency and recently stuck $25 in a small travel pack of panty liners that I stored in the glove box. I searched around the car for a safe place to store the money and figured a thief would most definitely ignore such a girlie item.

Sure enough a few weeks later I woke to find that someone had been rooting through my car. Apparently my husband or I forgot to lock the driver’s side car door before heading to bed and someone riffled through the car in search of something to steal.

A couple of quarters were missing, but all of the other stuff from the glove box was thrown onto the passenger’s seat. Right in the middle of the pile was the package of panty liners that I stowed a few weeks earlier. Sure enough my $25 was still safely tucked inside.

4 thoughts on “Thieves Missed the Wad of Cash in My Car”

  1. Hehe, what a clever idea! Makes me think of the study someone did where they had two packages of cookies, one sitting on top of nothing, one on top of a box of feminine hygiene products. Even though there’s nothing dirty or germy or anything about a new box of pads, people still opted for the other cookies.

  2. WOW!! What a clever ruse! finally, that affliction comes in handy. if i ever get another car i’ll remember this, thanks!


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