Thinking Less and Less About Money

Lately I find myself thinking less and less about money. Once you hold down a steady job, pay for a life insurance policy, a disability policy, maintain an emergency fund, fund your 401(k) and IRA, minimize spending and shrink your mortgages from 30 years to 15, there just doesn’t seem to be much reason to think about money. I have to say it’s a good problem to have. Although it may be boring to have all of my finances in order it means I don’t have to think about money so often, which frees the space in my brain. I lead a very blessed life though not a perfect one. Instead of thinking about money I spend a lot of time thinking about my health, (primarily long standing medical problems), but I am also trying to push those thoughts aside.

I’ve worked late three out of five nights this week, but it wasn’t because I was burdened with work. Instead I spent a good amount of time during the work day talking with my co-workers. To make up the lost time I worked late into the night, long after my co-workers had left the building. Without another soul around the office was quiet and I was left alone to write code and listen to my fingers tapping on the keyboard.

I took a breather every so often just to stare out the window. Left alone with my thoughts I realized that I had gone nearly a whole week without thinking about money.

2 thoughts on “Thinking Less and Less About Money”

  1. I’ve definitely noticed that establishing good financial habits frees you up to not think about money as much! Frugality has become so natural to me that last week I didn’t buy a single thing and didn’t even notice.

  2. I am constantly thinking about money and cannot imagine not doing so! I guess beings elf-emplyed I am always thnking of ways to earn more.


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