This Week in Review: Money and Spending

A brief run through of this week’s highs and lows.

  1. After checking out of Target and walking all the way to my car this morning I noticed a toy the cashier forgot to ring up. I contemplated throwing it in the back of my trunk, but instead made the long trip back to the checkout counter with a young, fairly tired and sick of shopping son on my hip. It would have been so much easier to drop the toy in the car and my son in his car seat but I didn’t feel right about walking away without paying for it.
  2. I made a horrific dinner last night. I attempted to make wedding soup, but the meatballs tasted just terrible. As luck would have it I picked up a loaf of bread earlier that day. I managed to swallow it down, but my husband opted for a grilled cheese sandwich instead. I pulled out the meatballs and salvaged the rest of the soup. Essentially it now tastes like chicken noodle soup with orzo pasta. Dinner was so bad last night that I’ve decided to stay out of the kitchen today. Luckily I’m paying with a coupon and a nearly abandoned gift card.
  3. My husband went to a party store to buy decorations and favors for my son’s birthday. Unleashed and alone he spent $183. I returned the majority of stuff, (a bit of miscommunication on exactly what we needed), and recouped $130. My husband was trying to take the weight of shopping off of my shoulders, so I couldn’t get too mad about the big bill.
  4. We received the flu shot at my son’s annual visit to the pediatrician. I think we can receive this for free, but it involves waiting around in doctor’s offices and sometimes time is more valuable than money. It cost $60 for my husband and I. The little guy’s was free.
  5. I’m picking up a half share at the CSA today. My sister-in-law is out of town for one more week and I’m happy to pick up and eat the veggies while she’s away.

2 thoughts on “This Week in Review: Money and Spending”

  1. Sorry about the failed dinner! Making soup from scratch is NOT my forte.

    Birthday planning is really expensive and time consuming. It is nice that your husband went shopping; I am not surprised at the initial receipt! This year, for the first time, I’ve decided to outsource my twins’ birthday party. Party prep takes too much out of me, and last year I spent hours planning and shopping for the decorations alone… then serving a full meal.. and not even really getting to watch my kids enjoy their party because I was so busy playing hostess. So we’re having it at the Little Gym, and then having family over for pizza. As my best friend said, “You’re going to spend $300 somehow.”

    • I’ve made a couple of really good soup recipes but that one was not one of them šŸ™‚ I’m still not sure how much our total will be. I just started looking at what to serve. I’m thinking simple sandwiches and the local sub shop charges $50 for 10 sandwiches making it at least $100 just for the subs for 20 people. That’s before we add in the rest of the food and supplies! Thanks for making me feel like I’m not alone in this though šŸ™‚


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