Total Spent on Our One Day Trip: $305

After returning from our one day trip I collected all of the receipts and added up the totals. In a little more than twenty-four hours my husband and I spent just over $305. The cost included our hotel room, a compact rental car, two tickets and other related costs to a sporting event, food and gas.

We spent more than I expected on food. We ordered appetizers and a large pizza at dinner, which was way too big for the two of us to finish. We actually gave our leftovers to a homeless man who was standing a few blocks away from the restaurant. We also spent quite a bit on bottled water and soda. We wanted to keep a couple of drinks on hand in the hotel, but we bought a little more than we could finish before we headed back to the airport.

One expense that certainly could have been cut in half was parking at the airport. We parked in the daily lot, rather than long term parking, which cost us an additional $12. We were charged for two whole days even though the car was parked for less than 26 hours. Honestly, I’d probably pay the extra $12 if I had to do it all over again. We parked in a covered garage and it took just a minute or two to get to and from the airport. The convenience was well worth the extra few bucks.

The trip was definitely worth the expense and I’d do it all over again without a second thought. We lucked out yesterday, because we landed on a relatively warm, sunny day. We were able to walk around town and take in the scenery. It was much colder and rainy today, so we weren’t at all sad to board the plane back home. The food we ate last night and this morning was absolutely delicious. We decided to try some of the local hangouts and we were not disappointed.

Best of all my husband and I visited a place neither of us had ever been before and will probably never go again. It was great to head out on a one day adventure together. I had such a good time that I’m already planning our next mini-trip for early next year.

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