Trading an Afternoon of Shopping for Painting the House

I planned to drive down to the outlets this afternoon in search of new summer clothes. I’m in need of a few shirts for work and a new pair of shoes. But somehow or another I never made it to the stores. As the day wore on, one thing after another distracted me from the goal of driving south.

I woke up late, met up with good friends for lunch, explored a few new houses in the neighborhood, planned dinner and headed out to the grocery store. Before I knew it the day was half-way over and I was no where near the mall.

Rather than shopping I went out to the pool house, grabbed a handful of paint brushes and headed upstairs. I spent the afternoon repainting windows and windowsills. Best of all I fixed up the house and didn’t spend a dime.

2 thoughts on “Trading an Afternoon of Shopping for Painting the House”

  1. I went outlet shopping this weekend and it was pretty much a waste of time. It's been a while and while I knew many outlet stores pad their inventory with items specifically manufactured for the outlet, I was amazed to see that pretty much the entirety of Banana Republic Outlet, J. Crew Outlet, etc. were stocked with merchandise that was basically Old Navy or lesser in quality–although costing three times as much.


    I'll stick with Ross and Marshalls and clearance sales from here on.


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