Two Interesting PF Articles

I really enjoyed 20 Ways To Earn More and Spend Less: Steps To Becoming A Frugal Capitalist over at Digerati Life. This was a follow-up from Digerati’s post from the previous day: Spend Less Than You Earn Or Earn More Than You Spend? I couldn’t stop laughing as I read the first post. The frugal behaviors described me perfectly, the capitalist behaviors described my husband.

I’ve never taken the time to specifically think about the differences between these two types of behaviors, but the Digerati Life does a great job of detailing the differences and providing examples of both. While I’m busy avoiding temptations, clipping coupons, and making lists, my husband invests in himself, is working towards a second career, (not just a second job), and is constantly on the lookout for money making opportunities. We do share behaviors from both camps, I research our investments, and he postpones purchases, but our basic mindsets reside in opposite camps. He focuses on earning more money while I focus on making the most of the money we earn.

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  1. That makes you and your husband a great team! I’m busy making millions and my wife is trying to save pennies (I like it that way, because she doesn’t hammer the credit cards, either!) …

    Keep going and you WILL get financially free: together. AJC.


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