Vacation Link Love: The Poolside Edition

Here are a couple of links I thoroughly enjoyed reading pool side:

  • If you aren’t already familiar with the Cheap Healthy Good blog, I definitely suggest finding your way over there. I carve out a little extra time each week to catch up on Monday Megalinks. One of the most interesting links this week: Our cupboard was bare, which describes a single mother’s visit to the soup kitchen with her three children.
  • I loved the simple post on, asking How do you start the day?. Mornings haven’t been the best for me since my medical problems began in 2005, but this post inspired me to start the day with a more positive attitude.
  • My Good Cents provided a list of interesting facts, in Did You Know?. My favorite is #1: “If you peel a banana from the bottom and you won’t have to pick the little ’stringy things’ off of it.”
  • With the housing market in a bit of a tail spin lately I enjoyed reading Housing: Frank talk from Barney Frank over at CNN Money. Frank’s thoughts on Greenspan’s refusal to regulate irresponsible mortgages is particularly interesting. Frank believes the housing market would be in a completely different state of affairs if Greenspan had banned ‘bad’ mortgages back in 1994.
  • Last but not least I enjoyed The Psychology of Happiness: 13 Steps to a Better Life over at Get Rich Slowly. I have always been fascinated by the relationship between money and happiness. I’ve written about this topic on a number of occasions, including The Relationship between Money and Happiness, Secrets of Happy People: Don’t Involve Money?, and More secrets of happy people, but I can never read enough on this particular topic.

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