Watching HBO for Free

In the beginning of April my husband and I contemplated cutting the cord on our satellite TV. We rarely watch television, so it seemed silly to pay over $80 each month to Direct TV. Through a number of wonderful reader suggestions we’ve decided to use a combination of Netflix and iTunes to watch our favorite shows for a fraction of the price. We’re also planning on purchasing an Apple TV.

We’re not quite ready to make these changes just yet. For one, we need to purchase a TV that is compatible with the Apple TV, our current TV is not. While we set aside money for the new purchase I called Direct TV to ask for a discount. They appeased me with a minor monthly discount plus free HBO for six months.

In the last few weeks I’ve watched a whole bunch of movies. Since we’ll only have access for a limited time I’m also tivo’ing the movies I don’t have time to watch and queueing them up for future viewing.

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