Week One of the Eat From the Pantry Challenge

I took my first trip to the grocery store late last night. I bought onions (red and yellow), lemons, lettuce, carrots, lunch meat (turkey and cheese) and milk, which were all in the list of items I planned to buy when I started this challenge. I also purchased juice and bread, which were not in the original list, but were needed in our house and on sale.

Although I went into the store with a list and a strict set of rules I still found myself looking over sales tags. Truth be told I found myself wandering in and out of the first two isles before realizing that I had no intention of buying anything I found in there. I woke up from my grocery store stupor in the pasta isle where I remembered that I had at least six boxes of pasta sitting on the shelf at home.

I pushed the cart quickly out of the isle and down to the dairy section at the end of the store. I passed by the meat and poultry department and made a quick comparison of organic prices before reaching the milk fridge.

I passed by the eggs, the shredded cheese and yogurt displays, because I already have all of these products at home. I picked up a loaf of bread and headed for the checkout. In total I had only twelve items in my cart. I would’ve left with eight, but I bought a couple of onions and a couple of lemons.

I was completely surprised by my tendency to wander the isles in search of deals. Next time around I plan to shop the perimeter of the store only and to get out of the store in half the time.

4 thoughts on “Week One of the Eat From the Pantry Challenge”

  1. hehe…yeah, I found myself wandering too … old habits die hard. What I found really cool was the express line!!! I haven't stood in that line in like, forever!!

  2. I am participating in the challenge as well. I took my mother shopping and found myself wanting to cruise the aisles although I did not need anything. I realized what a habit shopping is and how seductive it is. I wrote about it on my blog this week when I had a realization about the difference between shopping and hoarding.

  3. We, too, have committed to this. Actually eating the food you buy! We realized how much we were spending on food and it was astonishing but it did lead us to make some changes. And, we committed to eating healthier food as insurance for our well-being. Both my wife and I are trying to shed some pounds.


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