What Does it Mean When You Dream About Snakes?

You close your eyes to rest in peaceful slumber but see a snake in your dream and wake in an absolute state of panic. What could dreaming about snakes could mean?

Common snake dreams include snakes biting, attacking, and crawling on you. Sometimes you see snakes in your house or the water, and other times you see snakes of various colors and types. I assure you a garter snake has a very different dream meaning than a boa constrictor.

Does a snake dream have a positive or negative meaning? The interpretation of your dream depends on the snake’s location, color, what the snake was doing in your dream, and how you reacted to it. Different dream scenarios will lead to different interpretations. It also depends on whether or not you are scared of snakes.

Seeing a snake in your dream could represent everything from fear to knowledge and wisdom. So what are we waiting for? Let’s dig into the dream interpretation of snake dreams.

What Does It Mean to Dream About a Snake Attacking You?

You wake up after being attacked by a snake in your dream. Perhaps you bolt upright or even jump out of bed. You feel your heart racing and your palms clammy, but what does this dream mean? In this dream scenario, snakes often represent a state of anxiety and fear.

Is something in your daily life making you anxious? You may have a big presentation at work or a significant decision to make in the next few days. When a snake attacks, you are forced to confront your fear face-to-face. This dream indicates the need to address your fears before they overwhelm you.

When a snake attacks, you are its mercy. More often than not, you cannot prepare for the speed or velocity at which the snake lunges at you. These snake dreams may be a sign that you feel bound to fail and that you cannot prepare enough to meet the needs of your job or relationship. Of course, this is untrue. You can improve your life and meet challenges head-on along the way. The snake may signify a loss of control, but remember you are in control in real life. 

If you are searching for a positive interpretation of this dream, you may view the snake bite as a desire to follow your heart. When a snake bites, it lashes forward with little thought. Its goal is to act impulsively to protect itself.

Another interpretation; you are the snake and desire to forge a new path, take on a new adventure, start a new relationship, or jump forward to a new phase of your life or career. Snakes are symbols of the desire to act impulsively, and you are tired of sitting in the wings, waiting for something to happen. 

What Does It Mean When You Dream About a Snake Bite?

When you dream about a snake bite, you often dream of fear. What are you afraid of in your waking life? Are you worried about your relationship, performing well in school, or completing an assignment before a big deadline? Do you feel unsuccessful or physically fear for your life in some way?

A snake bite in a dream signifies an inability to defend yourself from dangers in real life. This dream may symbolize the need to confront your fears or find help to overcome them.

If a snake attacks you in your dream, it may indicate a verbal lashing from a friend, family member, or coworker. Did someone in your life recently say something that hurt your feelings or made you feel insecure? A verbal assault can replay in your dream as a snake biting you with its sharp fangs.

In this case, snakes symbolize harsh words that bite through our thin skin.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About a Poisonous Snake?

The type of snake in your dream also alters its interpretation. Seeing poisonous snakes in your dream often signifies the desire to end a relationship with a toxic influence or person who is wreaking havoc on your good nature or self-esteem.

Snakes aren’t poisonous. They are venomous, releasing toxins into your bloodstream after biting you. If the venomous snake in your dream repeatedly attacks, it is a sign that toxic people in your life have constantly hurt you.

Being bitten by a venomous snake is a sign that you can no longer undergo the mental anguish of this person. The physical wound is a sign that you must remove yourself from this relationship or find a way to limit your interactions with them.

Rattlesnakes are venomous. If you hear the rattlesnakes’ distinctive rattle before striking, it is a warning sign that you must change to relieve yourself of toxic influences.

Some dream experts believe a poisonous snake is a sign of repentance. Do you feel guilty or remorseful for something you’ve done recently? It’s difficult to heal someone who has suffered a venomous snake bite, and you may feel like you cannot heal the wounds you’ve inflicted.

These snake dreams may indicate guilt for an action that cannot easily be altered or repaired. Perhaps you lashed out verbally at someone or said something you’d like to take back. Just as the snake strikes and injects venom, you have struck someone and caused pain with your words.

Dream of Snakes Crawling on You?

If you dream of snakes crawling on you, it might signify that you feel powerless to change something in your life. Particularly if the snakes were crawling on you, but you could not shake them off or push them away due to fear.

Maybe you feel powerless in a romantic relationship or cannot get your boss or superiors to listen to your advice or input.

Snakes crawling on a particular part of your body could also be a sign that you need healing. Snakes crawling on your chest can represent a lost love or the crushing pain of a bad breakup.

Snakes crawling on your legs may indicate the desire for stability and control. Our legs hold us up and keep us from falling over. This need for strength and balance could indicate a desire for financial stability or support within your relationships.

If snakes slither on your head, you may feel overwhelmed by fear, anxiety, or worry. You may be wrestling with a difficult decision or need to talk with someone about your swirling ideas.

What if you Dream of a Snake in Your Bed?

If you dream of a snake in your bed, you may feel distrustful of your romantic partner. In the bible, a snake lures Eve to eat from the forbidden tree in the garden of Eden. A snake in your bed can also indicate a temptation to cheat on your spouse or partner.

Dream of Snakes in Water?

In dreams, water is often a symbol of peace and tranquility. Snakes in the water don’t typically instill the same fear and panic as those slithering on dry land. You may watch the snake moving back and forth below the water’s surface and admire how it wiggles its way from one side of a lake or stream to another.

Snakes in the water often imply the need to push away negative energy just as the snake moves the water out of its way so it can glide to its next destination.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Killing Snakes?

Killing snakes in a dream signifies that you are ready to conquer your fears and are no longer willing to let others hold you back or harm you. This dream indicates that you can step away from harmful influences and that you have the power to heal yourself after you step away.

Free yourself from those who act as bad influences in your life, search for a new job, or scout out new relationships that can help you grow and blossom.

What Does It Mean If a Snake Sheds Its Skin In Your Dream?

If you see a snake skin in your dream or see a snake shedding its skin, it’s a sign that you are ready for changes in your life. Snakes rid themselves of their old skin and reveal new shiny scales in their place.

This dream may indicate the need for significant changes, like searching for a new career, looking for a new love, or moving to a different city. It can also signify lifestyle changes like focusing on weight loss, ridding yourself of stress, or finding new hobbies to add enlightenment and joy to your life.

Just as the snake sheds its old ways, you will shed your old habits in favor of ones that make you feel more awake and alive. Snake skin can signify the need to move on from a former relationship or to forgive yourself for previous mistakes.

If you see a snake shed its skin in your dream, look for ways to improve your personal growth and self-renewal.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About a Green Snake?

Think back to the snake in your dream. What did it look like? Dreaming of green snakes can signify feeling jealous of someone you know. Envy is often associated with the color green. Do you feel less important or successful than your peers, family members, coworkers, or friends? If so, those intense feelings of jealousy can appear as a green snake that slithers into your dreams.

Seeing a green snake can also symbolize greed in your dreams. Are you narrowly focused on earning more money? Do you feel the need to perform dangerous acts to attain more? Dreaming of green snakes can be a sign to focus on other aspects of health and well-being outside of earning more cash.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About a Black Snake?

Remember the symbols associated with darkness and gloom when you dream about black snakes. Black snakes can symbolize negative feelings of guilt, remorse, depression, and sorrow. Black snakes may be a warning to seek help from others and to reach out to friends and family for support.

Black snakes may signify the need to apologize for a wrongful action we’ve committed against a former friend or family member.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About a Red Snake?

In dreams, a red snake indicates a warning symbol or sign that you must stop doing something that is causing you or someone else harm. A red snake means inherent danger, negative energy, and fear of backstabbing and gossip.

Do you feel distrustful of someone in your daily life? The red snake may symbolize that person and your fear that they will hurt you.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About a White Snake?

In dreams, white is often the symbol of hope and optimism. Seeing a white snake in your dream means good things will soon come your way because white snakes are a sign of new beginnings and fresh starts. 

A white snake may symbolize promotions, new jobs, new relationships, or simply moving on from bad habits.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About a Garter Snake?

Garter snakes are harmless reptiles that won’t cause you any harm, but seeing one can be as scary at first as seeing a rattlesnake or boa constrictor. If you see a garter snake in your dream, it is a sign that you fear something that isn’t scary.

It’s also a sign that you can face your fears and push through obstacles that previously stood in your way. You may feel anxious or timid, but you have nothing to worry about.

Snakes usually indicate fear, but garter snakes and small snakes represent the ability to overcome your anxieties and worries.

What Does a Recurring Snake Dream Mean?

If you have recurring dreams of snakes, it may be time to take action in your waking life. A repetitive dream usually warns you to change your ways to remove the symbol from your nightly visions.

Seeing many snakes over days, weeks, months, or even years indicates the need to review the aspects of your life that make you unhappy. Snakes typically symbolize fear and pain, so consider ways to heal yourself and seek out ways to get rid of toxic influences and feel happy.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Snakes?

Most of us have heard the story about Adam, Eve, and the serpent in the bible. In the book of Genesis, the snake convinces Eve to eat fruit from the forbidden tree. This act inflicts the knowledge of evil and shame into the minds of Adam and Eve and ultimately leads to God banishing them from the Garden of Eden.

Spiritually speaking, snakes in dreams may represent enticement and sin. Snakes may symbolize the danger of committing evil acts. The serpents may signify the enemies who sway us to act without the best intentions or a betrayal of someone close to us.

Do You See Snakes In Your Dreams?

If a snake appeared in your dream, it might mean that you’re feeling fearful or anxious, but remember that snake dreams can mean different things to different people. What do you think the snake in your dream represents? What do you think your dream is trying to tell you? Remember, there isn’t a perfect or right interpretation.

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