What I’m buying in the after Christmas sales

I know, I know how can I blog about after Christmas sales when Christmas hasn’t even begun. This ones for a good cause though… When the after Christmas sales begin I plan to buy new LED Christmas lights for the tree. I found this chart comparing the cost of the old Christmas tree lights to the new LED ones.

# of Lights Type of Light Energy Usage of Bulb 225 Hours*
(5 hours per day for 45 days)
Average Operating Cost*
300 New LED Lights 0.043 watts 2.9 kW/h $ .47
300 Mini Incandescent 0.45 watts 30.38 kW/h $ 4.92

Apparently the lights costs more but it seems you’ll make up the difference in price within a year or two. I love items that save the environment and the money in my pocket all at the same time. For more information: click here.

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