What On Earth Do I Really Need to Register For?

So friends and family have already started asking me if I’m registered. Seriously? I thought I could hold off until a few weeks before the little one is due, but new mothers tell me it takes a lot of time to research the safety aspects of the items I might want to receive.

I have absolutely no idea where to begin. I googled for baby registries and came across a bunch of sites with long lists of items I don’t think I’ll need. I’m a bit clutter-phobic, (I know I’ll need to get over that once the little one arrives), so I’d really like to stick to the basics initially and then add on additional items as necessary.

This list looked relatively simplistic so I thought I’d pick and chose items from there, but I’d love to get some advice on this one. I know I need a crib, car seat, stroller, bottles (although I plan to breast feed as much as possible initially), breast pump and baby monitor, but what else do I really need?

I don’t know why I feel so clueless. I’ve been to enough baby showers to know what is usually received, but I want to make certain that friends and family buy us items we really need. I hate the idea of anyone wasting money on things we won’t use.

So if you have any thoughts on this one feel free to leave me a comment. Not only what to register for but also where to register for it.

I might need to take a field trip to the store this weekend to familiarize myself with the long list of products.

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  1. A couple more thoughts – it is truly worth the money to buy the best rated carseat you can afford. Do not buy a used carseat – it's not worth your baby's safety to save $20 by buying used.

    Think about getting a good blender or grinder to make simple baby food. Why pay $1 for a container of mashed cooked carrots when you can make 10 containers yourself for less than $1?

    Invest in a good stroller, too. I don't recommend an all-in-one carseat stroller for the simple fact that most resale shops won't take a carseat, so they won't sell your combo for you, either. Get a good carseat that will grow with your child, and a good sturdy lightweight stroller. You really don't need a huge 70-lb "travel system" and you'll love the ease of popping a light stroller out of the trunk and not having to mess with removing a carseat to put it in the travel system.
    Some advice – if you think you need something, try to get along without it. Like a bathtub – try a few weeks without it first – if you make it that long, you can probably get along fine without spending the money.


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