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What Would You Do With $100?


Not so long ago I won a $100 Visa gift card giveaway. I could have used the money to buy groceries or gasoline or any of the regular items I buy on a weekly basis, but that seemed rather boring.

So here is what I purchased instead:

  1. $75 for a membership to the national zoo. My son and I actually haven’t returned to the zoo since I bought the membership, but the weather this week is supposed to be gorgeous, so I plan to return before Friday.
  2. $12.50 for a box from Citrus Lane – I wanted to try this company out before ordering a subscription for my sister-in-law’s new baby. I paid $12.50, which is half of the regular price. (Use coupon code TAKEHALF if you are interested in trying it out for yourself.) The box contained a set of blocks, a board book, a toddler snack, baby wash and nail polish. Sold separately the items would’ve cost over $30, so $12.50 was definitely a good deal. I still think this would make a good gift for a new mom, but we definitely don’t need more toys and books at this stage of the game.
  3. $2.95 for one set of Bamboobies. The link will take you to Amazon, but the deal I found was actually listed directly on the Bamboobies website and has now ended. These are the absolute BEST, reusable nursing pads and they typically cost $16.99 for two pairs, so $2.95 is an amazing price. I plan to give these to my sister-in-law.
  4. $5.95 for the Honest Company Trial Bundle. I’ve been working really hard to use organic, environmentally friendly products and I’ve heard great things about the Honest Company. I haven’t received this order yet so I can’t provide any information on it.

If another $100 gift card falls into my lap I’d probably use it in a similar way. I’d spend the majority on an experience. This time it was a zoo membership. Next time it might be a trip to the spa or a romantic dinner with my husband. Then I’d use the rest for something I don’t typically buy myself like a decadent dessert from an upscale grocery store.

If you won $100 what would you do with it?


Monday 30th of September 2013

Don't rush to the National Zoo until the government shutdown is resolved.

One Frugal Girl

Tuesday 1st of October 2013

Oh nuts! Thanks for the reminder. It looks like we are off to a local pick-your-own produce farm instead.


Monday 30th of September 2013

Sounds like a great way to spend $100. I'd probably just throw it in the bank but that's only because I don't really have anything that I'm wanting to buy right now.

One Frugal Girl

Tuesday 1st of October 2013

Wow! Nothing? There is always something on my list of fun things I'd like to try, but don't typically want to waste money on.