When opportunity comes knocking…

Yesterday my boss informed me that he might take a new job in the new year. He said he’s working on a succession plan and recommended me for his position. Sometimes the stars align in ways that make you wonder. I mean, here I am, writing posts for the past two days about the importance of life outside of work versus the need for a big salary.

When my boss told me I’d been recommended me for his position I felt flattered and honored. After all, I know a number of other people in the company that have been eyeing management positions. But after a moment or two the reality of this decision sank in. If I take the job, I will have more responsibility, I will have to commute to work more often and work longer hours. For those increased responsibilities I will get a raise and a promotion.

At this point in my life, I am trying to build back my strength, and find a balance between the things I love to do, and the things I need to do. I have decided not to accept the promotion. There is a peace that comes with this decision. A lightening of my spirit, as I align my priorities, and put myself before my work.

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