Where Do You Find the Best Recipes?

My husband and I managed to make three healthy, home-cooked meals this week. On the other nights we ate leftovers from the night before. I tried one new recipe and I’m planning on making two new ones next week. I found all the recipes on foodtv.com.

I know this sounds crazy, but I hate to cook a recipe when I can’t see a picture of the food. For some reason the picture lures me into trying something new. If the meal looks tasty and easy to make then I’m apt to try it. If it looks too complex and fancy then I typically won’t attempt it.

In browsing the Internet I was surprised by the lack of photographs on recipe websites. The Internet is great for multi-media and I don’t know why more sites haven’t used the capabilities of the web. I’m so discouraged by my findings that I’m considering giving up on the web and heading to the local library instead.

I was wondering if any of you have a favorite food related website. A website with photographs would be preferable. I am excited to experiment in the kitchen this winter and I’d appreciate any suggestions.

13 thoughts on “Where Do You Find the Best Recipes?”

  1. Picture recipes can indeed make a good cook out of people who have just begun to learn cooking. But out of my own experience I too agree that its very difficult to find websites with such recipes. I’ll keep this thread on my watchlist to see if someone can come up with good ideas.


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