Wise Bread: Where is My $250 Gift Card?

In September I won a $250 Marshall’s gift card from a contest on the Wise Bread website. I was contacted by a blogger over at Wise Bread and told the gift card would be sent to my house. I’ve waited for over a month and the gift card still hasn’t arrived. I’m not sure if the card was never sent or if it was lost in the mail, but one way or another it never got to my house.

I’ve tried to contact the folks at Wise Bread through emails and visitor messages but I haven’t heard a word back about my missing gift card. Wise Bread bloggers, if you come across this post, please help!

3 thoughts on “Wise Bread: Where is My $250 Gift Card?”

  1. I’m so sorry for all the missed emails — and for the missing gift card! Marshall’s was supposed to send out the card on our behalf. We’ll get this sorted out. I’ve sent you an email.

    Greg / Wise Bread


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