You Can’t Spot a Recession Here

In the last month my husband and I purchased new furniture, a new dishwasher and a used jeep. We paid a contracting company to paint a very high ceiling in our beach home and wrote a whopping big check to charity. You certainly can’t find a trace of recession in our ledgers this month.

The painting, dishwasher and new furniture were necessary to maintain the current state of our beach house. In an effort to attract repeat renters we do our best to spend money on things that renters want. Among the items are comfortable, clean furniture and working appliances. So the old dishwasher left the house along with our the old, mildew ridden love seat.

My employer currently matches charitable contributions dollar for dollar, but the future of my company and this employee benefit is unknown, so I decided to write a super big check to take advantage of the benefit this spring.

We certainly could have waited to buy new furniture, paint the ceiling or write a check to charity, but for some reason this just seemed to be the right time. I figure charities can use our money now more than ever and let’s face it with summer rentals down this season I’ll need to do all I can to convince my current renters to return again next year. I know the painters were also happy to have the work.

Of course, we could have waited to purchase the jeep, but it’s in great shape, with relatively low mileage and the price seemed right. In truth, we did wait ten years to buy this one, so I’m not sure how much longer we should have waited. Plus it’s been super fun to drive.

I’m not a big fan of spending money, (hence the name One Frugal Girl), but I think the charitable contribution is helping me feel better about all of our other purchases this month. It always feels good to know that our money is going to a good cause and rather than buying a brand new jeep we bought a used one, which allowed us to contribute even more money.

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