You know you’re frugal when…

I have done a lot of frugal things in my day, but today made me realize just how frugal I am.

I was filling my car up with gas when I dropped a nickel out of my hand. The nickel rolled behind my leg and underneath the car. I stooped down and reached around but the nickel had rolled just far enough that it was completely out of my reach.

So… after filling up my car with gas. I got in my car, turned the key, drove three inches, got back out of my car, and picked up the nickel that had rolled underneath.

As silly as it is I couldn’t bear the thought of wasting 5 cents.

3 thoughts on “You know you’re frugal when…”

  1. I guess I am frugal too. I still bend over to pick up a penny while others throw them away. I keep a jar just for found money. You’d be surprised how it adds up.

  2. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now, and just had to comment, because I have done that too for a quarter.

  3. I used to do this too but I now leave it to bring an unexpected blessing to the finder. My mom gets great joy in finding coins and it made me think…I have enough myself, maybe the finder doesn’t so I always send a little good thought for the potential finder. It makes me feel good I guess.


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