Best Tips for a Freshman to Write College Essays

How to Deal with All Your College Essays if You Are a Freshman

Life in college can be quite a challenge no matter how much one thinks they are prepared for it. It is a point in life where every young individual aspires to get to. The freedom that one gets is quite intriguing and it makes you yearn for it more and more. The best and worst part of college is the flexibility it offers. However, a great deal of responsibility and time management is required. The life of a freshman is quite fascinating since you are exposed to a new environment and have unlimited freedom. You get to choose everything you want. In the beginning of your college life, there are plenty of assignments given. You may find it a bit difficult since you want to enjoy your college life and also do your assignments on time. Many students fail to complete their assignments early either due to irresponsibility or poor time management.

Possible challenges freshmen can encounter

Students encounter many problems when writing their essays and this can lead to many of you having poor grades. You ought to learn how get good grades in the beginning of your college life since it is at this point where your grades are highly boosted. Some of the problems encountered by freshmen include:

  • The most common problem among many freshmen is time management. Managing one’s time while in college is crucial to writing good essays and finishing one’s assignments on time. A paper written under pressure will always be shallow in how it approaches the topic and also lack coherence.
  • Some freshmen lack the general knowledge of essay writing. You can find it a bit difficult since capturing the concept is one thing and putting it into practice is another. Essay writing is a process and one needs to take each step of the journey seriously. You need to first of all, understand the general or basic structure of an essay before you can develop or grow as a writer.  
  • The idea of writing a perfect essay can also be a problem. As already stated, writing is a process and it takes time to perfect the art. As a young writer, you should not expect to write a perfect essay but should take your time to learn and grow. Using, for example, complex sentences can indeed be a disadvantage for you and you should always stick to the basics.  
  • The introduction is what gives your paper a foundation and a majority of freshmen do not have or include strong introductions. For most freshmen, the introduction is usually plain and lacks a thesis statement. Having a thesis statement is indeed central to writing a good paper.  
  • Most freshmen papers also lack focus. Having a focus means to have a paper that is presenting a certain idea or communicating a certain point. However, a majority of freshmen write essays which lack focus and therefore, often encompass different ideas and arguments. The above makes an essay less interesting and hard to comprehend.
  • Freshmen also do not cite or provide evidence for their arguments. While writing an essay, it is always essential to provide evidence or cite your sources for whichever argument or idea you borrow. However, freshmen often fail to cite their sources and therefore end up writing plagiarized papers.

How to develop your writing skills?

The problems you encounter as a freshman are quite many. While in college, however, I came to realize that there are various steps you can follow to develop your writing skills and have better grades. Some of those steps include:

  • Manage your time well and you will always write and deliver good essays. While in school, I discovered that man’s greatest asset is time. If you use your time well, you will always deliver quality essays. Therefore, seek to always manage your time well and your essays will always be of good quality.
  • Reading other senior students’ essays ought to be your first port of call for guidance. While in college, I came to discover that not everything is taught in class and you should make it a habit to read further despite what is being taught in class. Through reading essays, you can get the basics of writing a good essay and gain more knowledge on writing. You can also buy an essay online and read through it.
  • The idea of having complex sentences in your essay gives room for failure. Writing a good essay is not analogous to using complex sentences. Therefore, strive to always stick to what you know while also making your essays simple. This creates room for improvement and it enables you perfect the art of writing.
  • The introduction of your paper ought to be strong and supported by a strong thesis statement. This gives your essays meaning and inspires the reader to want to read more. Writers at state that a strong thesis statement is indeed vital to writing a quality paper.
  • Ensure your essay has focus. Having focus means that you have an argument which you seek to communicate. Your paper must always have a central idea.
  • Writing a perfect essay requires that you always cite in your paper and provide evidence for your arguments.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, writing is a process and it takes time to grow and develop into a great writer. As a freshman, take your time to learn and grasp the basics of essay writing.

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Here’s How Your Business Benefit From Personalized Email Address

Are you using a free email account like “, and” or the account that comes with your internet service for your business? You may not know it, but email addresses themselves convey additional and sometimes less than positive information to your reader. Don’t get me wrong. A free email service is great for your own personal needs. But for a business with big goals? Not so much.

Let’s be honest, many people doubt the professionalism of businesses using a free email address for their business. Paying for a hosted email account is actually cheaper and easier than what you think, considering its credibility. Now is the perfect time to add some piquancy to the table and create your new business email address!

A personalized email address for your business is very beneficial because of the following:

  1. Credibility– A prospective client is more likely to transact and do business with you because of an established online presence. You can make it possible only with a personalized domain.
  2. Professional image– Professionalism is always a question every time you do business. Your email should reflect your business. By setting a personalized email that is supported by your business, it will show that you are ready to comply and respect your customer’s needs.
  3. Good recall – A customized domain is easier to remember than a generic domain. You can keep it as simple as to how you want it to be. The easier it is to remember, the more likely your visitors will remember it without having to go through the hassle of looking it up on a search engine.
  4. Search engine optimization–   By having your own personalized domain name, it will result in an increase to your website’s positioning under the search results of the top search engines like Yahoo and Google.
  5. Permanence– It is a significant investment. It can be your address for life! You can keep your customized email address for as long as your business is up or online.
  6. Email addresses for different departments– You can save and elude people from all the hassle in finding and contacting the right person for their specific needs, e.g.

Admin or general inquiries –

Staff –

Accounts department –

  1. Recognition and branding– If branding is important to you, it is necessary to protect it. Publicizing your brand name by using it as your personalized domain account is like hitting two birds with one stone. You’re not just investing in protecting it but also in building a branding recognition. If someone sees your brand multiple times, they will start to go looking for you for their needs.
  2. Spam reduction– You can reduce the spam you get by setting a personalized email address. You’ll also have a spam blocker that will save you time and money because instead of dealing with unwanted emails, you can deal directly with your customer and foster what they need right away.
  3. Saves time and money– It is a smart move to invest in a personalized email address for the future of your business. And don’t worry about the cost since you can get a customized domain at a low price.

Today, anybody can have a personalized email address. But for business owners and entrepreneurs, you can use it to host your online store and share critical information with your target customers. It won’t cost you a fortune to create and it won’t take too much of your time to manage because it’s not only affordable but also hands-free to manage. It only takes a few steps and you’ll be a proud owner of a personalized email address in no time!

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5 Best Things to Do When in New South Wales

Dreaming of traveling to Australia someday? Make it possible by planning ahead of time and saving enough money to explore the country. An Australian trip is certainly worth it and enjoyable, especially when shared with your loved ones.

With the country’s picturesque views, amiable locals, outstanding food and wine, a wide range of activities, as well as amazing tourist attractions, travelers will surely love this place. Since Australia is a huge country with numerous cities, it is overwhelming to choose where to go.

It actually doesn’t matter where you go first as long as you never miss to explore the beautiful city of New South Wales.

There are tons of things to do and see when in New South Wales. You can also witness spectacular scenery, endless tourist spots, and a lot of glorious beaches. So, here are some interesting things you can do in New South Wales:

Visit Newcastle

Don’t miss the chance to visit Newcastle when in New South Wales. It is the second largest city in the region, which is home to diverse Australian culture and pristine beaches. The finest art, fashion, and music can be found here as well. Also, there are various car hire companies in Newcastle that you can choose from to roam around conveniently in the city. It will be a big help in making your trip hassle-free.

Walk through Minnamurra Rainforest

Be one with nature and stroll around Minnamurra Rainforest. It is situated inside Budderoo National Park where you can spend an entire day relaxing in a fascinating rainforest. You will find hidden waterfalls as well as loads of wildlife, too. Definitely, it is a perfect way to unwind with your family or friends.

Hike up the Blue Mountains

Are you up for an adventure? Climb the Blue Mountains! It is known for its dramatic landscape, where you can try mountain biking, rock climbing, or trekking. And if you want to take your adventure to a higher level and challenge yourself more, you can ride the steepest railway in the world in this rugged region. You will need a lot of courage and strength in doing so!

Do some wine tasting

Apparently, Australia is home to a number of world-class vineyards. And New South Wales is a paradise for all wine lovers around the world. It actually consists of 14 wine regions, such as The Hunter Valley and Tatler Wines Vineyard. Never leave the city without indulging the country’s great-tasting wine in a stunning setting.

Go whale watching in Stanwell Tops

See the marvelous whales in Stanwell Tops and it will never disappoint you. In fact, there are 45 whale species in Australian waters. If you are traveling with the whole family, the kids will absolutely have a great time with the friendly ocean giants. It is never a waste of time trying out something new from time to time.

Certainly, there is more to New South Wales than Sydney. Try these exciting things out and you will enjoy an ultimate travel experience. Nothing beats pure fun and relaxation in a stunning destination like New South Wales.

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Ten Tips for a Less Chaotic Move

Moving to a new home can open a huge and exciting new chapter in your life. With all the logistics to work out, it can also be extremely chaotic if not even enough preparation beforehand. Here are some things you can do to make your move stress-free, organized, and even fun.

  1. Get several quotations. Most domestic removal companies will charge by the hour with a minimum two hour charge for two men to cover shortfalls for short haul quick moves. Very few home removals companies will charge according to distance or weight, so it’s important to seek out several quotes before deciding on who to hire. Always remember to ask about the moving company’s insurance coverage and enquire about their company history if they appear to be a new business.
  2. Start packing as soon as possible. Once you have your moving date set, it’s best to start packing as soon as possible. This will obviously reduce stress and make moving day so much smoother. If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of packing, always start small. Pack one room at a time, starting with the room you use the least. Doing even a little every day for a month is far less stressful than sleepless nights three or four days before the move.
  3. Keep it lightweight. Don’t let boxes weight more than 30 pounds in weight and keep an inventory of what is in every box. Heavy boxes slow the move down, cost more, are at risk of breaking, and may be a safety risk. If you have lots of heavy items like books, place only a few in each box and distribute them evenly.
  4. Declutter your possessions. There is nothing like moving home to give you the opportunity to get rid of unused items you’ve collected over the years. If you haven’t worn items of clothing for over a year, it may be time to ditch them. Items that are still perfectly usable can be sold online or at a consignment shop to help cover the cost of the move. Alternatively, your local charity outlet could take the items as well. Doing this will also reduce the number of things you need to move, which will have an impact on the final moving cost.
  5. Set up a checklist. Checking things randomly when you’re under a lot of stress is a recipe for disaster. During the course of packing and preparations, create a checklist. Having to remember everything off the top of your head on moving day almost certainly means that something will be forgotten.
  6. Protect your furniture. Wrapping delicate items up in bubble wrap seems to be a no-brainer. Hard furniture, especially items made from solid wood, need lots of protection as well. Even seemingly soft items such as sofa cushions and mattresses need to be carefully covered in plastic. Make sure your furniture is free from moisture and humidity after being wrapped or else it may damage the furniture after the move.
  7. Perfect time for replacements. Don’t wait until you’ve moved to replace that television or to get a new bed. Identify which items are old enough to replace, whether they be broken, worn out, or just fashionably outdated. Mattresses are the number one household item that isn’t replaced often enough, so take the opportunity to get a eco-friendly natural latex mattress for your new home.
  8. Preparing the pets. Animals find that moving to a new environment can be extremely stressful, so make sure they are calm and as ready as can be. The day before the move, ensure that cats are in their crates so you don’t have to waste time chasing them the next day. On the evening before and the morning of the move, take the dog out on the lead only and do not let them run free. Ensure that you have the correct housing to move the pets as well. A suitably sized cat box or dog crate with some of their familiar possessions will make it less stressful for them too.
  9. Survival kits. Make sure that you are well-equipped for the day of the move. Remember that you won’t be able to cook food or make hot drinks, so have a flask and some snacks ready to go. Also ensure that you have a small first aid kit as there is a higher risk of bumping or bruising yourself when moving items into or out of a house.
  10. Redirect your mail. Even if you’ve told your bank and all the necessary contacts that you have moved, you can rest assured that someone will have slow admin. Pay for a minimum three month mail redirection. You will not regret it and it may save you a lot of hassle trying to recover lost documents or information.

Remember to check that you are insured both at the time of departing your old home as well as at the time of arrival at your new home. Try to choose a time of day that traffic is easiest and remember most of all – the less you stress the easier your exciting new move will be!

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Book Review: Purple Turtle Graded Readers

Boxed Book Set Details:

Book Title: Purple Turtle Graded Readers Level 2 (12 Titles)
Category: Children’s Fiction,
Genre: Educational
Publisher: Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd.
Release date: April 1, 2017
Tour dates: Oct 30 to Nov 24, 2017
Content Rating: G (informative content intended for and available to children & their parents/educators to enhance and support learning. Suitable for: Family audiences with younger children.)

Boxed Book Set Description:

Welcome to a world of fun-filled learning with Purple Turtle. Purple Turtle Graded Readers by A1 Edutainment is an amazing new reading program that is ideal for emerging readers. The second level includes a set of 12 books with 12 interesting stories and several engaging activities that is likely to make learning an enjoyable experience. The book has a word count of 150-250 and is based on the ATOS and Lexile reading level system. This level is for readers who have just learned to read.

To read more reviews, please visit Purple Turtle’s page on iRead Book Tours.

Book Review:

First, just let me say that the characters in this book are absolutely adorable. I read the series of books to my two year old first. He just loved the illustrations. He quickly learned the names of the characters that are shown in multiple books and he enjoyed pointing out the lizard and repeating it’s name whenever it appeared. Every morning he grabs the entire box of books and walks around the house asking me to read “all” of them to him.

My oldest son just turned six. He has a late October birthday so he started kindergarten in the September, but he is already reading at a first grade level. He enjoyed reading these books out loud. He had no problem parsing out the words and I caught him reading to my youngest on more than one occasion. Sometimes the kids wake before I do and I found them snuggled up on the couch a number of times reading together. My youngest would hand a book to my oldest and my oldest would read each book from start to finish.

Both of my children loved the Aquarium book the best. That book incorporates counting, which both my two year old and six year old love to do. On each page the kids see new sea creatures and count all of the creatures in the tanks. I found them reading that book more often than any other.

Because these books were not written in the United States my son did find a few of the words confusing. In the US we use the word “vacation” rather than “holiday.” It took just a second to explain this to my son, but there are a few words like that in the books that may take a little extra explaining.

Overall both of my children loved these books. The older one liked reading them and the younger one enjoys being read to and looking at the adorable animal illustrations.

Watch one of the book trailers:

Meet the Publisher:

Purple Turtle is India’s 1st International brand with its educational content in several languages sold in more than 30 countries including Russia, China, US and UK. The character of Purple Turtle has delighted children across the globe through beautifully created Purple Turtle books, rhymes and videos available on YouTube.

Purple Turtle was created with the idea to spread education through a wide range of innovative books for children. To give them the experience of convenient online learning, Purple Turtle also brings both learning and entertainment on a common platform to give a wholesome learning experience to young minds.

Connect with the publisher: Website ~ TwitterFacebook

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Solutions for Paying Off Debt and Fixing Credit After an Accident

Being involved in a car accident is not only scary but life-altering. Even if your life is spared and your injuries are treatable, getting back to normal can take time and a lot of money along the way. Often those who suffer from significant damage because of a car accident go on to deal with a ton of financial problems. Medical bills piling up, bills going unpaid due to lost wages, and even the ability to pay for daily necessities are all financial struggles that can come from being involved in an accident. Below, are a few solutions for recovering financially.

Obtain an Attorney

If you haven’t done so already, you should look into obtaining an auto accident attorney. Though you may be thinking this is the exact opposite of saving money to get out of debt, it can actually help you get more money. Bachus & Schanker LLC a car accident attorney in Colorado points out that medical bills and other expenses can cause a burden on sufferers. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to get compensated for lost wages and medical expenses related to the accident.

Create a Budget

While recovering from your auto accident injuries you’ll be on a tight budget. Even if you’re eligible for disability, this income won’t be as much as you were making when you were fully employed. In order to make those dollars stretch further, it is necessary to create a budget. Eliminating all expenses that are necessities and finding ways to cut back on needed expenses will help your money to last longer until you’re able to return to work. Create a budget based on when you receive benefits so if you get paid weekly, create a weekly budget for easier money management.

Set Up Arrangements

Those annoying collection calls you keep receiving from medical bill companies and other service providers you haven’t paid timely aren’t going to stop unless you’re able to start making payments. Even if you’re not able to afford the full past due amount, many companies will understand your circumstances and offer you an opportunity to set up an arrangement that is within your budget. This will prevent your credit from being ruined further while you secure funds to pay down the balances.

Think of a Side Hustle

If you’re unable to return to full-time work due to your injuries, there are things you may be able to do on the side to bring in additional income. Look into side hustles that you can do despite your injuries. Whether it’s working from home as a customer service rep or answering surveys online for cash you can bring in additional funds to help pay down those high bills.

Look for Help

A lot of hospitals and medical facilities understand how expensive their services can be. As a result, they often offer options for patients to repay what is owed. This might include signing up for services like Charity care where all or a portion of your medical costs are covered by the program based on your income. Other options might include financing or set up monthly payments to satisfy the bill.

Always Pay Something

The worst thing you could do to your credit is mess it up by falling too far behind on your payments. You can prevent medical bills from being turned over to collections and delinquent accounts from being reported by making an effort to pay something. Whether you only have $5 additional dollars to put towards the bill or $50, the effort you put forth can keep accounts in a positive standing.

Not too many people realize what it really takes to recover from an accident. Some think about the difficulties of recovering from the physical injuries, others worry about how to repair their cars and the damage. While those things are to be of concern, a lack of finances is often one of the biggest things to overcome. By remembering the above-mentioned tips, you’ll not only be able to pay down those medical bills, but you’ll clean up your credit and be able to save money towards building a new life for yourself.

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Grooming Essentials: Budget Tips and How to Pack Bags Before Traveling

Whether you are traveling for work or leisure, short term or long term stays, by air, automobile or train, it is important to know what to pack to make your travel comfortable and keep you well groomed.

A proper packing checklist should guide you on what to carry and what’s not to bring. It will be a real time saver if you would only bring the essentials and save you the trouble of heavy luggage. Sometimes, excess baggage would result in extra charges when you check-in in the airport.

Rules to Follow Before Packing

Well, there are a few rules to the game when it comes to packing up for those trips.

  1. Only pack what is extremely essential. Avoid carrying items that would be of no use. You may want to consider packing only things that cannot be bought anywhere when you’re on the road or when on air.
  2. Check on the weight and restrictions of your luggage if you are traveling by air. Avoid very heavy items, but instead, opt for smaller quantities that would comply with the airport’s requirement for luggage weight limit. For example, instead of carrying a whole 500ml of lotion you could transfer it to a smaller 100ml container or better yet, purchase one when you arrive at your destination.
  3. Try as much as possible to minimize your bags so that you have a carry-on luggage. Besides the comfort and ease of carrying it around, you can save the stress of losing and/or having to track luggage during your travels.
  4. If you are traveling to a place with sidewalks and tarmacked roads, a bag with wheels would be your best bargain and you won’t have to worry about carrying it on your shoulders
  5. Pick versatile and multifunctional items that would take up minimal space in your bag while serving a variety of purpose.

Now that we’ve discussed the rules, let’s head on and look into the things that you really need for traveling.

  1. Toiletries– your toiletry bag should contain your toothbrush (NOTE: battery powered or electronic powered toothbrushes are quite heavy so opt for the regular ones), toothpaste, travel floss, Q tips, lip balm and wet wipes. You might also want to carry a small roll-on deodorant to keep you smelling fresh all day.
  2. Body cream or lotion– the first option is to transfer smaller amounts in a 100 ml container. Or, if you don’t mind using another brand, hotels usually provide these as a complimentary which will be a perfect money saver, plus hassle-free in transferring liquid contents in a smaller container. Eye creams would be essential for those times when jet lag wreaks havoc on your skin giving you the sleepy eye look.
  3. Hair styling products and cordless hair clippers– a comb and a little quantity of product to style your hair would be necessary for your trips to make sure that you look good at all times. A cordless hair clipper would be necessary too, to keep your beards and mane well-trimmed. This would be very essential if you are scheduled to make a presentation and need to level up your look. To know more about cordless hair clippers be sure to visit Lee’s article about the best cordless hair clippers available in the market today before you travel.
  4. Shoes– a good pair of comfortable shoes and one extra pair would be enough. After all, you could buy another pair if the need arises. Be sure to carry shoes that suit your needs, for example, hiking boots for long treks and hikes and shoes for the formal occasions like business trips or weddings. To care for your shoes get neutral shoe polish or cream that would serve all your shoe colors. A good horsehair brush or soft cloth would also come in handy to keep them shiny. Remember to carry an extra pair of shoelaces too. You never know when the old ones might snap and break.
  5. Sunscreen with high SPF– The weather may be harsh out there and it is always important to stay safe. For skin protection, bring along a good sunscreen with a high SPF so you’d be ready for any weather changes.
  6. Quick-drying travel towel– Go for towels made from lightweight quick-drying cotton that is absorbent and can dry easily. These multifunctional towels can act as a towel, a cover-up while on the beach, scarf or shawl to keep you warm during those chilly evenings.

With these 7 grooming essentials, we’re definitely sure that you’ll have the next perfect holiday or business trip without giving you the difficulties of thinking about what to bring and what not to. Have a safe travel!

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Book Review: How To Turn Your Mom Into a Monster

 Book Details:

Book Title: How to Turn Your Mom into a Monster by Aurora Whittet
Category: Children’s Fiction, 40 pages
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Publisher: Wise Ink Publishing
Release date: Oct 2, 2017
Tour dates: Oct 16 to 27, 2017
Content Rating: G

Book Description:

Do you like smearing your lunch all over yourself? Do you fight with your sister just because she’s there? Do you find yourself unable to go to bed because mysterious ninjas keep stealing your pajamas? Then you’re a little monster! Guess what: Mom can be a monster too! It’s up to you to make your mom’s monster come out to play . . .

To read more reviews, please visit Aurora Whittet’s page on iRead Book Tours.

Book Review:
How to Turn Your Mom Into a Monster is a cute and funny little book about the ways children annoy their parents and get under their skin. All of these little irritations ultimately make mom frustrated, thus turning her into a monster. If you have children who make messes, fight with their siblings, stink up your house and find every excuse not to go to sleep at night then your kids will probably get a kick out of this illustrated story.
My six year old and two year old sons wanted me to read this book aloud a number of times. My youngest son really enjoyed the monster illustrations, which look like a cross between monsters and aliens. My oldest thought the story might be “dangerous” for some kids. He was worried that some children might purposefully try to irritate their moms. He’s a rule follower and he told me some of his friends shouldn’t read this book, because they might start acting badly. He did find the story funny though. Especially the part about tooting.
Overall I think this is a very fun kids book with illustrations that will capture your child’s interest and a story line that most kid’s will find amusing. Although my son was worried about kids who might start behaving badly as a parent I don’t think this book would have any impact on a child’s behavior, but of course you know your kid better than anyone and should read the book to yourself before sharing it with your child.


Meet the Author:
Aurora Whittet started out as a wild red-haired girl in Minnesota dreaming up stories for her friends to read. Today, she has completed Bloodmark, Bloodrealms, and Bloodmoon of the Bloodmark Saga trilogy, Mama’s Knight: A Cancer Story of Love, and How to Turn Your Mom into a Monster. She’s a national award-winning graphic designer in her day job. Aurora lives with her family in Minnesota.Connect with the Author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Instagram

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3 Practical Tips to Save for Your Dream House

Are you planning to buy a house? Then start saving and spend your hard-earned money wisely! With enough patience, hard work, and control in spending, you will be able to purchase your dream house. The path you will go through won’t be smooth and easy, but definitely worth it.

Everyone knows that a house is one of the greatest investments that an individual can buy in this lifetime. Regardless of how expensive it may be, you deserve to have it. This is the main reason why you have to save up as well as budget your income properly.

In fact, there are various ways on how you can purchase a house nowadays. Some banks offer mortgage lending, which you can apply to. Just be sure that you are able to repay your mortgage as well as home loan interest rates on time, so things will flow smoothly. More so, you have to ensure the lender that you can afford to pay your loan by presenting all the documents needed when applying for one.

Listed below are some viable tips on how you can save for your future house:

Cut down costs

One of the most effective ways to save big is to trim down your expenses. Since saving up won’t be that easy, you will actually need to sacrifice some things. You have to give up a few luxuries that you don’t need. It is all about prioritizing things and knowing the important ones. After all, the fruits of all your sacrifices will be paid off at the right time.

Hustle harder

By working harder, you can earn more. If you still have time to work part-time, then do it. Take every chance that comes your way to get extra income in order to buy your own house in the future. All you have to do is find a side hustle or some projects that last for a few months. Make it a point to still perform your main job properly and finish all your tasks before your part-time job. Also, never take for granted your health just for additional money. Work harder, but never risk your health.

Create a monthly budget plan

To produce money for the down payment or construction of your dream house, you have to create a monthly budget plan. Bear in mind that you should spend less than what you are currently earning. You have to stick to your financial goals all the time and keep them intact. Moreover, when making a budget, be realistic and honest about your spending habits. It will be tough at first, but keeping track of your expenses will help you control your spending.

Purchasing a house through your own money is very fulfilling and satisfying. You will be proud of yourself for working so hard to achieve your own house. And to help you out in obtaining this goal, you can take into consideration these useful tips mentioned above. These will assist you in making your dream house come into reality.

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Why It’s Always the Best Time to Invest in Mutual Funds

We’ve heard time and again that financial planning is the key to a secure future.

The hard part is choosing the right investment among the thousands of options available in the market. One such investment which an investor of any age can start with is mutual fund investment. Read on to know how you can make mutual funds work for you.

Everyone must take it upon his or herself to jot down his goals and back it up with a good financial plan. Regardless of age, a young adult (around 25 to 36 years), middle-age (between 35 and 55) or retired (55 and beyond). It’s vital to have a good financial portfolio which combines all the asset classes that a person can invest in.

Mutual funds are fairly advantageous over others because the pooled investment avenue provides an individual with the benefit of investing in equities, liquid funds, and debt. You cannot randomly invest in mutual funds. Based on the financial goals and investment aims of the investor, a specific type of fund that suits him must be chosen.

If you don’t like risks, you may prefer equity schemes to debt while you start with a short-term equity schemes. If you have growth and capital appreciation, your investment objective will look at equity schemes as compared to others.

Age has a crucial role in getting the right balance between the many available mutual fund schemes. A simple and sweet thumb rule to be followed by every in selecting the right mix of equity and debt is to calculate it on the base of the age of the investor.

To calculate the debt to equity allocation, the age of the investor should be subtracted from 100. For instance, if the investor is 30 years old, then subtract 30 from 100, giving 70 as the remainder. This exemplifies that the portfolio of the 30-year-old investor should contain 30% debt and fixed instruments and 70% of equities and equity-related products.

One widely used in selecting the right fund and taking the basis for a model portfolio is Jacob’s Four-Step Programme, which includes the following:

Develop long-term goals. After deciding on a goal, separating your long-term and short-term goals should be your next agenda. With long-term goals in place, planning the finances to make them happen becomes easier. You must be realistic about the returns an asset class can offer as the returns may differ from time to time based on the market scenario and other factors that affect it.

Check the asset allocation. Be it equities, money making instruments, or debt, the right mix or allocation can be done based on the income you (the investor) have as well as your risk-taking capacity. Your goals will help in deciding the appropriate investment allocation.

Determine sector distribution. You need to plan the right amount of investments, something that will differ based on your unique circumstances. Sector distribution must be done based on the long-term goals you have. If you’re looking at quick liquidity, then money market schemes must be assigned more than equity or debt funds.

Choose specific fund managers and schemes. After finalizing your long-term goals, plus assets allocated and sector distribution is accomplished, the next step is to decide your mutual fund investment company and their specific product. You have an array of choices, so research well before making any decision.

It is never too late to begin investing in mutual funds. But when an investor actually gets to the act of investing he must bear in mind the implications that different schemes have on his financial plan in different stages of his life. If an individual is not able to make a financial plan by himself, it is advisable to take help of a financial planner as it will make the entire investment process a lot simpler and quicker.

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