Book Review: 21 Days To A More Disciplined Life

I can’t remember the last time I purchased a book. After being a book fiend for as long as I can possibly remember I turned off the spigot on book buying and haven’t looked back since. These days I receive free books in exchange for reviews on my blog or borrow copies from friends.

I absolutely love to read and jump at every chance to read new books I can get. So when Money Saving Mom asked if any bloggers were interested in a free copy of her ebook I jumped at the chance to attain a copy.

Crystal Paine, the author of Money Saving Mom, has written a new book called 21 Days To A More Disciplined Life. The book steps you through the process of setting and attaining goals and focuses on topics including:

  • Prioritizing and naming your goals so that you can accomplish them faster
  • Exposing the obstacles and making a plan to conquer them
  • Breaking up insurmountable goals into more manageable pieces
  • Ending the endless trail of excuses that prevent you from meeting your goals
  • Helping you stay on task and motivated

I really enjoyed reading this book. I am a long time subscriber to Money Saving Mom and I’ve become a true fan of her blog over the years.

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life is for you if:

  • You have trouble following through.
  • You get overwhelmed by huge projects.
  • You start strong, but your passion fizzles out.
  • You are super-disciplined in a few areas of your life, but you have one or two pet areas that you just can’t get under control.
  • You check out 10 different books on discipline and organization from the library, but return all of them late.

For the next two days the book is on sale for only 99 cents. After that the price will rise to $4.99. For 99 cents I probably would’ve broken my rule about purchasing new books. It’s a good read for anyone looking to add discipline to their lives.

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