$300 in Less than 3 Hours

Have you ever had one of those days when you run from store to store with a long list of items that seems to get longer and longer by the minute? Well Saturday was that day for me. My husband and I hit a total of 11 stores and restaurants in a three hour period and spent over $300 while shopping.

In an effort to prepare our rental house for this season’s guests we went on a crazy mission to buy a hodge-lodge of items from all over the island. We started at the dollar store, then ventured to Walmart, Home Depot, Rite Aid, West Marine, Staples, Marshalls, a local surf shop and Kmart. On the way back north we stopped at Quizno’s for lunch, because I was absolutely starving and the hit Harris Teeter to buy groceries for dinner.

While most of the items were on our original list we did end up with a few unplanned items including a safari hat, cheap scented candle, package of Sharpies and surf stickers. Other than the stickers and candle, everything really was needed.

With more thoughtful and careful planning I could have found better deals on some of the items, but for the most part I only would’ve saved a dollar or two on each item, so I didn’t feel terribly bad about spending the money.

Some home owners put the minimal amount of effort into making their guests happy. My husband and I don’t fall into this bucket. We know that most Americans only take one or two weeks off of work each year and we certainly want them to enjoy their time at the beach as much as is humanly possible. We are constantly upgrading items in our home and buying new toys like hammocks, games, and pool floats.

Nothing makes me happier than reading our guest book at the end of each rental season. I love it when our guests enjoy our home as much as we do, even if that means spending $300!

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  1. I think what you do for your renters is excellent. Americans don't vacation much and this time is precious and insurance for your sanity with the busy lives that most people lead.


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