Following the Procedure for Ordering Online

My husband thinks I’m relatively insane when it comes to shopping online. While he’ll simply pick a website in search of what he’s looking for. I’ll scour Google for the store with the cheapest price, search cash back buying sites for the most money back and then return to Google in search of coupon codes.
It’s a good thing I talked to my husband before he bought his dad a new circular saw for father’s day. He was just about to click submit, when I ever so gently reminded him to click through Ebates first. That simple trick earned him 5% cash back on a transaction that cost over $100. While on the Ebates site he also found a coupon for 10% off the purchase.

Between the cash back and coupon he saved $15 in less than two minutes. Now if I could just get him to remember this little procedure every time he shops online.

2 thoughts on “Following the Procedure for Ordering Online”

  1. Do you stick with a few of the big online stores? Or do you also buy from small websites if they offer the best price? I'm always a little worried about buying form a site that I'm not familiar with. I'm willing to pay a little more at a place like Amazon over some small site. Perhaps that's being too paranoid.

  2. I totally agree with you @Ken. I won't buy from a no name site just because it's cheaper. I don't trust them either.


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